Kevin Rowles: A Year In Review…

As I reflect on the results of this year, the request for a blog submission from our marketing department was timely.   While evaluating the accomplishments of 2011 and establishing new goals for the upcoming year – I am challenged to figure out what has attributed to our success, what lessons were learned, and how to best position ourselves moving forward.

Every year I find myself looking back to past years thinking that a historical trend might develop.  The only development is the reassurance that change is a constant with us.   I’m amazed that what seemed like minor changes at the time, and just part of going about the business at hand – turned out to be more significant when looking in the rear view mirror.  I know better than to think that it will ever be “business as usual” for us. We get bored too easily!

If we started all over (like we seem to do each year) the key ingredients would stay the same:

Adaptability – one of our strongest assets since the beginning
 – we look at the world and warehouses a little differently
Entrepreneurial – we pride ourselves on our creative spirit
Energetic Action – the challenge of “making it happen” is contagious
Loyal – our clients and vendors are partners

The true grade card is the feedback we get from our best partners. The quotes “you make it look easy” and “no one else in the country does what you do” are indicative of the Storage Solutions mission statement.

If we are able to focus on that level of service and commitment – everything else will follow and expectations will be exceeded once again in 2012!