Storage Solutions: Our Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Storage Solutions

Buying used materials, while cost-efficient, can be a bit nerve-wracking when it comes to the quality of the product.

We are committed to providing our customers with reliable, quality products, which is why we’ve created our Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Program. The Storage Solutions Certified seal is only placed on products that pass our rigorous five-point inspection so you can buy with the confidence that you’re getting only the best quality rack.

Our Five-Point Inspection ensures products are:

  1. Rust-free
  2. Stored in a climate-controlled environment
  3. Produced by a known manufacturer
  4. Structurally sound
  5. Handled adequately during installation and tear down

Thanks to our 330,000 square-foot warehouse, we can store all new and used materials indoors and away from rust-causing elements. We store a variety of used equipment, including uprights, beams, wire decking, safety equipment, and much more. We also offer Used Packages that can make purchasing less stressful, because we know all the pieces belong and fit together. 

Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned Equipment?

  1. LESS EXPENSIVE–with strict project budgets, businesses are continually looking for ways to save. Used materials can be just as reliable as new, without the high price tag.
  2. AVOID LEAD TIMES— it can take manufacturers up to 8-10 weeks to fabricate your equipment. Used pallet rack is available immediately!

You can count on the reliability of buying pre-owned equipment from Storage Solutions. Click here to learn more.

Contact a sales rep to see what we can do for you by calling 1.866.474.2001 or filling out a contact us form and one of our sales reps will get back to you quickly.