Benefits of Buying Used!

used warehouse equipmentMany of our customers struggle with the idea of incorporating used equipment into their warehouse solutions at first.  This is because many other companies will store used warehouse equipment outdoors where beams and uprights are exposed to the elements and can often develop rust.  An advantage to working with Storage Solutions is that we store both our new AND used warehouse equipment inside our 330,000 sq. ft. warehouse to ensure that everything we sell has maintained structural integrity. Our goal is to make sure that your used pallet rack beams and used pallet rack uprights are of comparable quality to what you would purchase new.

Buying used can have many benefits.

1)  It’s COST EFFECTIVE!  Purchasing new warehouse equipment can be expensive.  When you purchase used warehouse equipment, you can get more for your money without having to worry about jeopardizing the integrity of your operation.

2)  AVOID LEAD TIMES.  When you purchase new warehouse equipment, there is always a lead time before manufacturers are able to produce and ship their product.  Whether you’re working within a small time frame or budget, purchasing used warehouse equipment is the perfect solution.

Whether it’s on a warehouse consolidation, purchasing new warehouse equipment or used warehouse equipment, or re-configuring a current operation, Storage Solutions has a solution for you.

Our team has installed equipment all over the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Check out the map on our locations page to see some of our project locations!

If you are looking for material handling equipment, shop through our wide selection of new and used warehouse equipment including: pallet racking, work benches, lockers, service carts, industrial shelving, and more. Check out our video on the advantages of buying used warehouse equipment here! You can also contact us at 866.474.2001.

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