A Typical Day Doesn’t Exist In This Industry

As I always mention, Storage Solutions is constantly growing. With so many fresh, new faces in the office I thought it was necessary to use today’s blog as an opportunity to check in with one of our new team members and see what his experience has been like with us thus far! Making his Storage Solutions blogging debut, I give you, Billy Powers!


Storage SolutionsI was recently asked to explain what my typical day looks like at Storage Solutions. I have been with the company for a little over two months now, and I can honestly say there is no typical work day; every day is different, every phone call provides me with a new and different challenge and every project I am exposed to is different than the last. If my day ever becomes typical or routine, you should assume I am not pushing myself or have stopped learning new things, which is far from possible.

In the material handling industry, there are always opportunities to learn new things. When I first started at Storage Solutions I was told to surround myself with the “all stars” in the office. Without a doubt, everyone in this office is an all star and are willing to help the “rookie” in the office. Every day the project managers help me understand the project details, the salespeople provide me with the tools and techniques and the management is continually helping me understand an ever changing industry. I never thought after such a short time I could learn so much, but with great teachers how could you expect anything less.

I have very ambitious goals for my future here with this company, but like everyone else I know I have to take it day by day. So to get back to the question of “the typical day”; it is showing up everyday eager to learn, continually building a strong network in and out of the office, taking every opportunity to shadow other employees, being one of the first to work and one of the last to leave, and being adaptable to whatever it is that might be thrown your way.