What is Put-to-Light Technology?

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What is Put-to-Light Technology?

Put-to-light technology, a prominent order fulfillment technique in warehouses and distribution centers, is tailored to augment accuracy and efficiency in the picking and sorting process. A put-to-light system features a series of light displays connected to a specific location or bin. When an order arrives, the system directs the operator to the correct bin by illuminating the corresponding display. The operator then selects the items from the bin and confirms the pick, causing the light display to extinguish and signaling the completion of the task.

While pick-to-light systems concentrate on the picking process, put-to-light technology underscores items’ placement or “putting” into bins. Despite their shared use of light displays and confirmation buttons, they play different roles in order fulfillment. Put-to-light technology allows warehouses to enhance productivity significantly, reduce errors, and improve order accuracy. It accelerates order processing and reduces the time spent searching for the correct bin. With its intuitive and visual guidance, put-to-light technology simplifies the picking and sorting process, making it a vital tool for efficient warehouse operations.

The Benefits of Using Put-to-Light Systems

Put-to-Light systems offer numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your warehouse operations. Here are some of the main advantages:

Bolstered Order Accuracy: Implementing a put-to-light system results in a significant boost in order accuracy. By harnessing this automated technology, you can minimize human errors that often occur during manual picking processes. The system guides warehouse personnel to the correct pick locations and verifies each pick through visual indicators, significantly reducing the chances of shipping incorrect products to customers.

Increased Productivity: Tailored to streamline order fulfillment processes, put-to-light systems can dramatically enhance productivity. By reducing manual search and travel time, these systems allow warehouse operators to pick and pack orders more efficiently. The visual indicators guide workers to the correct items and quantities, enabling quicker and more accurate order processing. This increased productivity can lead to higher throughput and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced Picking Errors: Manual picking processes are often fraught with errors, such as miscounts, incorrect item selection, or wrong quantities. Put-to-light systems help mitigate these errors by providing warehouse personnel with clear visual cues and step-by-step instructions. This not only boosts accuracy but also reduces the need for time-consuming double-checking and rework. As a result, your warehouse can operate more efficiently, avoid costly mistakes, and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Potential Applications of Put-to-Light Systems

Put-to-Light systems offer a multitude of applications that can significantly improve warehouse order fulfillment, dispatch operations, and e-commerce order processing. Here’s a closer look at each of these areas:

Warehouse Order Fulfillment: Put-to-Light systems are indispensable tools in warehouse operations, particularly in order picking. These systems guide warehouse personnel to the correct item locations and provide real-time instructions on the quantity to pick, ensuring accurate and efficient order fulfillment.

Dispatch Operations: Put-to-Light systems play a vital role in dispatch operations. They streamline the sorting and routing of packages, enabling dispatchers to assign orders to the appropriate carriers more efficiently. This enhanced productivity ensures timely deliveries.

E-commerce Order Processing: With the rapid growth of e-commerce, efficient order processing is more important than ever. Put-to-light systems facilitate seamless order fulfillment in e-commerce warehouses, enabling workers to pick items quickly and accurately. By minimizing errors and reducing processing time, these systems contribute to customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

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