What are My Best Options to Increase Storage Capacity?


Generally speaking, warehouse managers know when they are in need of a change in the capacity of their facility. Perhaps, there is a variance in storage needs on a seasonal basis. Or, maybe there is a known period of inventory growth coming in the near future. Ultimately, changes happen and you need to be able to adapt efficiently and effectively.

There are a lot of options available to make the best use of your space. But, what method (or, methods) of increasing storage capacity is right for your warehouse?

Let’s take a look at some options.

  • Wrap the Areas without Racking: One of the easiest ways to increase storage capacity is to identify spaces that do not currently have racking. Those locations can be perfect for being home to your “stackable” inventory. Placing pallet rack around the perimeter of these “floor stack” areas on the sides where you are not accessing them can help add overall storage capacity.
  • Increase Your Verticality: Have you ever considered utilizing splice kits to increase the height of your current racks? Taking full advantage of your cubic capacity is usually dependent on the tools you use for picking. Before you choose this option, ensure your equipment is capable of lifting your inventory to new heights.
  • Narrow the Aisles: We often find ourselves recommending that our customers narrow their aisles to increase capacity within their existing facilities. This type of remodeling is typically most beneficial when the warehouse is in the market for new picking equipment. This way, we can design an optimal layout for current needs, factoring in opportunities for growth.
  • Build a Mezzanine: A mezzanine is a standalone structure within a building, designed to maximize space above and below. Typically, these structures are incredibly durable and allow you to store more material “up” instead of “out.” Mezzanines are ideal for any commercial or industrial facility. They fit a wide variety of applications because of their flexibility to restructure.
  • Install Over Dock Doors: Especially in warehouses with active shipping and receiving areas, over dock doors can be an excellent option for temporary storage for empty pallets or dunnage. This tactic can clear space on your warehouse floor, and allow for more productive and safer use of space.

What next?

There are several other solutions out there. Many of these options could be beneficial to your ability to increase capacity without breaking the bank. If you are on the lookout for a partner that can help guide you to find the right solution for your business, contact one of our experts today.