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Warehouse Design and Layout

Expert Warehouse Design Consultants and Services

We have helped numerous companies address challenges and inefficiencies in their supply chain and distribution or fulfillment network. This results in long term cost savings, increased operational efficiency and transformation of their supply chain to a competitive advantage in their industry.  

Don’t have a concept yet? That’s not a problem either! We have facility design experts that are ready and willing to help you map out a total facility equipment solution that will allow your operation to run at optimal efficiency. 


Has anything changed in your business lately that is causing stress on the operation? Are you struggling with any of these common challenges? 

  • SKU proliferation – more SKUs requiring more storage and picking locations 
  • Customer demands for smaller and smaller units of measures – full cases instead of full pallets, individual pieces instead of full cases 
  • Expectations from customers for later order cutoff times, quicker deliveries, and overall higher levels of service 
  • Challenges with acquiring and maintaining a quality labor pool for your facility at a reasonable cost 
  • The need to have more, smaller distribution locations located closer to customers 
  • Requirements to consolidate facilities and reshape your supply chain and distribution network 
  • Challenges related to e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment needs as that portion of your business continues to grow 


Have a new facility but have no idea how to set up your warehouse? We can help!

  • You provide basic information (CAD drawing, layout or sketch) 
  • Our Solutions Development experts will design and layout all storage & material handling equipment best suited for your needs 
  • We provide drawings that adhere to specific location requirements necessary to obtain permit approval 
  • We can cater every drawing and finite detail specifically for each customer, allowing for flexibility during the planning process 

Whether you need your facility optimized or a complete new solution created, Storage Solutions is here to help you get the design work that you need to keep your operation productive & profitable. 

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