Storage Solutions Term of the Week: Carousel Storage Systems

This Week’s Term Of The Week:

Carousel Storage Systems

There are two main types of Carousel Storage Systems that we use here at Storage Solutions. The first is Lektriever which is used for light duty projects. Lektriever allows one person to do the filing and the materials that would normally take 3 people to do. This is a very simple system it centralizes your storage in one small space so you don’t have to waste time looking through cabinets or shelving. Its rotating shelves deliver your times quickly and efficiently. By using the Lektriever it reduces the amount of floor space devoted to filing and storage.

carouselThe second type of Carousel Storage System is Industriever which is used for more heavy duty projects. Industriever allows customers to simply enter the part into a computer and then the shelves with rotate delivering the desired item to the operator.  Some features to the Industriever include a 650 pound maximum load capacity per carrier or shelf, four point tracking for maximum support, lockable doors and infra-red safety eyes to keep the carriers from rotating when parts are being taken out.

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