Storage Solutions Project Spotlights: Atlanta Part III

As we mentioned last week, our crew was hard at work installing equipment down in Georgia… Over 1 million square feet worth to be exact!  Check out the specs:


  • 600 Rack Bays
    • Approx 9300 Rack Locations Provided
    • 352 42”D Bays Installed – Most 96” but some are 144” Tunnel Bays
    • 249 60”D Bays Provided – Most 96” but some are 144” Tunnel Bays
  • 885 Bin Sections
    • 225 36”W x 36”D Units
    • 660 36”W x 24”D Units
    • Over 50,000 Shelves Provided and Installed
    • Lighting Provided In Bins Area
  • 100 Linear Foot Wire Mesh Cage Area
  • Approx. 13,000 Footprint for Shelving Units
  • Approx. 58,000 Footprint for Racking

We really do believe that our installation crews are the best in the business.  Check back next week for the final Project Atlanta post, complete with time-lapse video!

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