Storage Solutions, Inc. Announces New Logo, Brand Design

New Logo Storage Solutions Inc

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new Storage Solutions logo! We decided on this new, modern look because we feel it helps us identify as a company that is adapting to a dynamically changing industry.

The Process

Our Marketing and Communications team started the evaluation process with a pool of more than 300 logos. From there, we narrowed down our options to best fit where we know as a company. We also looked to the future to find a design that fits with where we know we are heading as an organization.

For the logo, we took a simplified approach to our traditional “diamond”-style logo. This new imagery asserts a three-dimensional, “dynamic”-style that denotes our company’s ability to adjust to what is coming ahead in our industry. We are always looking at the latest solutions and technologies to meet our clients’ business needs and we wanted a logo that helps us tell that story.

The emphasis on our “Simple. Smart. Strategic.” tagline reaffirms our focus on ensuring that we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to best assist our clients in matching them to the right solutions for the challenges they face. Optimal solutions may not always require a major reinvestment in infrastructure, nor a complete re-evaluation of your operation. Often, the simple approach to optimization is best. We have the experts to best advise you in your decision-making process. That’s what we hope to communicate with this new logo.

A Promise to Deliver the Best Solutions

Yes, after 40 years, Storage Solutions is introducing a new look. However, you can continue to count on us for first-rate service and solutions to meet your business’ challenges. We are continuing to innovate as we strive to be a leader in our industry.

We are making some big moves in 2020. So, we want to thank our team, our clients, and our partners in helping to keep the positive momentum going! If you want to learn more about what’s going on at Storage Solutions, contact us today!