Storage Solutions Celebrates It’s THIRD Anniversary

There is a reason I never made it big as a vocal artist, so I will spare you the grief of having to sit through a little “Happy Anniversary” song to the tune of “Happy Birthday,” but I’m sure you get the point.

This April was pretty significant for our Westfield office (and, really, our other locations as well) as we celebrate our THIRD anniversary in our new facility.  Since we moved, we have also opened three new office locations across the country and hired more than a dozen new employees.

One thing our customers talk about again and again is actually seeing and touring our facility.  That’s when they tell us that it really hits them that what we do is so exceptional.  Our 330,000 sq. ft. warehouse is an incredible space and quite the site to see.  As part of our three-year anniversary celebration, we are in the process of planning an open house to show customers (both from out-of-state and local) just how awesome our operation is.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!

SSI Panoramic