Storage Solutions Awarded Nashville Wire’s 2010 PREMIERE DEALER AWARD

It may not be an Oscar, but we’re pretty excited to have recently been awarded the Nashville Wire 2010 Premiere Dealer Award!  We take a lot of pride in our partnerships, and Nashville Wire has been a consistently positive one since the beginning.  We got on the phone with Nashville Wire’s Vice President of Sales, Steve Johnson, to find out why Storage Solutions received this award and what role our partnership plays in their company’s success.

Nashville Wire

According to Steve, there were three main criteria required for a company to be considered for this award:

nashville wire decking

  • Sales Volume
  • Communication
  • Professionalism

“Obviously sales volume is an important characteristic when it comes to these things,” Johnson said.  “In 2010, Storage Solutions far surpassed other partners in promoting Nashville Wire products.”

Over the years, we have prided ourselves on the fact that our teamwork, customer service and start-to-finish attention to detail parallels no other material handling company. According to Johnson, “Storage Solutions has consistently kept a great communication record,” from engineering, to quoting and lead follow-up.

“The professionalism from the beinning of the quoting process through the last step of the installation has been tremendous,” Johnson said.  “Everything in there is flawless.  [The] support staff makes the difference for your sales team.”

Partnerships mean so much to the success of our business.  Are you looking to partner with a material handling company for a project or series of projects?  We’ve got the kind of experience and customer service it takes to establish a long and fruitful business relationship.  Give us a call at 866.474.2001!