Storage Solutions Announces the Acquisition of SNC Solutions

SSI Acquisition of SNC

The Storage Solutions Inc. (SSI) Board of Directors has officially approved the acquisition of California-based SNC Solutions (SNC). The purchase will give Storage Solutions additional resources and capabilities to grow its business along the West Coast, given SNC’s expertise in the market and special requirements in that region.

SNC Solutions was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The company specializes in designing and implementing systems that facilitate the highest levels of efficiency for warehouse operations. With a focus on improving these capabilities and efficiencies, SNC delivers solutions that maximize operations’ effectiveness and overall performance by enhancing flow, ergonomics, throughput, and quality.

“We are excited to continue to grow, expand, and improve our capabilities for our clients throughout North America,” explained Nathan Storey, President of Storage Solutions. “Culturally, the team at SNC is a great fit for Storage Solutions because they have the same dedication to supplying clients with a true turnkey experience and creating innovative solutions for storage and fulfillment.”

As dynamics along the supply chain continue to change rapidly, the need for warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers to adapt how they store and fulfill orders continues to grow. As more companies are maximizing their storage and fulfillment efforts, adding SNC to Storage Solutions will give the company a deeper understanding of customers’ complexities, particularly in the Pacific region.

“This strategic acquisition will allow Storage Solutions to expand our geographic presence and service capabilities and give us more dynamic capabilities to drive efficiencies for our team and our clients,” said Eric McDonald, Chief Customer Officer at Storage Solutions. “I am excited to have Tim Schrader, Drake Kelley, and the rest of SNC as part of Storage Solutions’ growing team.”

“The SNC team is very excited to join Storage Solutions! From my initial introduction through the completion of the merger, SSI and its ownership partners have proven to be a natural fit for talent, future goals, and most importantly, culture. I am beyond proud of the SNC name and the company that we have built. I am equally proud to adopt the SSI name as the platform to build the next phase of our mutual success. This endeavor only adds to the existing capabilities, reach, and improved customer experience that we strive for every day,” explained Tim Schrader, Senior Vice President at Storage Solutions. “Apart, both companies are successful in their own right. Together we are truly great.”

Founded in 1978 as a distributor of new and pre-owned warehouse equipment, Storage Solutions has seen the supply chain industry change rapidly and has worked with clients to adapt alongside it by developing innovative solutions in storage, automation, and design. By integrating supply and service, SSI can drive efficiencies by managing projects from start to finish. This acquisition will serve to enhance that mission to a greater degree.