The Best Strategies Start with the Right Design


As increases in customer service demands continue to change the distribution & fulfillment industry, a growing number of warehouse managers face the challenge of configuring their layout and process for an optimal, efficient workflow. Whether your organization is clearing space for new equipment, relocating, or installing new equipment to meet the needs of a changing economy, maximizing throughput is the key to optimizing your future operating strategy. When you are considering your options for your new layout, know that optimal systems start with the right design.

Find The Right Design for Your Business’ Operating Strategy

Our expert team of design professionals works with clients on analyzing the challenges they currently face. Fulfillment issues can arise from problems caused by scattered SKUs to a lack of flexibility in your system to account for small or rush orders, among other inefficiencies.  However, Storage Solutions has the experience and knowledge to find these pain points and turn them into strengths. We find solutions to address your current challenges.

Our expertise in design revolves around using data to maximize your space while keeping costs down. We also look to your future and can build in such a way to provide flexibility to account for future growth in the dynamic world of the supply chain.

Continuing Support for Your Project

We don’t just stop at the design aspect, either. We work with firms throughout the life of their projects with our CARES (Collect, Analyze, Recommend, Execute, Support) system. This process ensures quality and care from the initial design phase until after installation and training are completed.

It is important to us that your new system works for optimal performance. With over 40 years in the industry, our team knows how to set up a system for success.

Let Us Solve Your Challenges

Our support team knows the challenges that come with growing businesses. Instead of holistically evaluating your workflow with each new process or project, perhaps a process gets tacked on to your current set-up, and maybe those challenges get solved with a “band-aid,” so to speak.

When you are ready for that full workflow assessment and evaluation, call us. We know that the best systems start with the right design. We are ready to get started. Click here or start a chat below and one of our experts will work with you in assessing your needs for warehouse workflow improvement.