Project Spotlight Series: Project California Week 2

Week two of the Project California Project Spotlight Series is all about the details. Like I mentioned last week, this project is different in that it is in a seismic zone.

Project Details:

Bin Mezzanine

Approximately 4760 Total Bin Sections/Bays Provided

  • 4,432 – 24”D x 36”W
  • 328 – 36”D x 36”W

Approximately 37,135 sq ft footprint in building

3 VRCs

4 Stairs

Approximately 44,000 shelves installed

Approximately 34,000 shelf dividers installed


Approximately 1,860 bays installed inside of Tube Rack designed for special seismic conditions

Over 27,000 beams installed

Approximately 130,000 sq ft footprint for racking


Over 440 linear feet of cantilever installed inside

528 linear feet installed outside

And last but not least…

51’ x 61’ wire security cage installed

storage solutions

In order to regulate construction in the state and promote health, safety and general welfare of the public, California requires specific licensing for our industry to do business.

We are proud to share with you that our team member, Vince Zito, studied long and hard and passed the Contractors State License Board exam!

California, like us here at Storage Solutions, wants to ensure that construction is performed in a safe, competent and professional manner.

Vince said, “Storage Solutions is always willing and ready to go that extra mile to ensure our customers are getting the best possible service available, and we will do whatever it takes to get there.  If we need to take a test and expand our knowledge on different state and local laws, we’ll do it!”

Check back next week for the latest progress on Project California!