How to choose a Warehouse Design Consultant

Warehouse Design Consultant

At Storage Solutions, we consider ourselves way more than a traditional warehouse design consultant; we pride ourselves on learning about the challenges you see, then providing solutions that make a real difference to your bottom line.

For the most part, warehouse design firms recommend changes that theoretically will work in your facility because those changes are likely based on suggestions that worked in another facility. However, we understand the difference between theoretical versus practical changes. Practical solutions should result from in-depth discussions and data, not a cookie-cutter approach.

Plus, we take an agnostic approach to which solution partners we work with on each project. We are not picking a particular solution because we need to hit a quota. Our goal is to allow you to grow your business and ease some operational pains along the way.

In contrast with a warehouse design consultant, our team has authentic operational experience in actual warehouse environments. We have not been living behind the computer, so to speak. We’ve solved various challenges across manufacturing, e-commerce, food-and-beverage, third-party logistics (3PL), distribution, and more industries. Our team has been in the field and understands the operational side of things. And we offer the flexibility that comes with having our project management teams on our planning discussions, so we are all on the same page in delivering on a specific goal.

Furthermore, as a project partner, Storage Solutions delivers on implementation and installation, complete with project management support that comes with project execution. When a warehouse design consultant hands a project off to an installer, things can get lost in the shuffle. Design intent can be missed. After all, the installers may just be looking at what is black-and-white on paper and may miss genuinely relevant information about “why” something was designed a particular way. So, instead of starting the conversation over again, we can have clear communication with the manufacturers and installers to guide a project through implementation.

When design intent is missed, and the practicality of a solution is secondary to a solution’s availability, problems occur after implementation. Design failures are often not noticed until after turning on the system, causing further change orders or requiring more labor to make up for the design impracticalities. Either way, you are adding costs to your project. Execution can be the trickiest part of implementing a solution, and through our simple, smart, strategic approach, we make that transition easy for our customers.

If you are looking into a warehouse design consultant for a new facility or to retrofit your current configuration, give us a call first. With a quick, 30-minute call, we can begin the conversation to uncover challenges and do some quick “napkin math” on establishing a ballpark return-on-investment (ROI) you can see from solutions offered by a true project partner.

Many warehouses and fulfillment centers are seeing similar challenges. Labor costs are rising. Fulfilling orders to meet delivery expectations is becoming more complex. The need to store more products in less space is a reality.

We offer an expansive portfolio of solutions that can solve the challenges that are unique to your operation. We have practical experience in implementing all these solutions. We want to provide solutions that work for you – both theoretically on paper and operationally for the long haul. Let’s get started today!