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A piece of legislation aimed at aiding American small businesses was passed this week in Washington D.C.  The bill, which was approved by both the House and Senate, outlines a six-year plan that includes a $30 billion program to help American companies make capital improvements and invest in expanding their businesses.  The tax benefits included in this bill could provide great incentives for businesses to expand and develop their operations in spite of recent economic uncertainty.


Storage_Area(4)If these incentives sound like something your business might benefit from, consider this:  Storage Solutions offers the most client-friendly, cost-efficient opportunities to assist you in your warehouse expansion or transition.


Whether you are considering expanding your operations by moving into a new facility, or simply redesigning your old one, our knowledgeable sales representatives and experienced installation crews can provide you with the information and resources you need to make expanding your business successful.

We buy and sell new and used material handling equipment, so when it comes to transitioning your facilities, our skilled sales representatives can work with you to accomplish exactly what you need.  All of our equipment is stored away from the elements in our 330,000 sq. ft. warehouse, ensuring that you will receive great products at the most affordable price.

If warehouse design is what you’re looking for, Storage Solutions can work with you to make your facility more efficient and effective.  Through expanding the capacity of your warehouse, you will be able to process orders more efficiently, saving both your client and your business time and money.  With one simple, on-site visit we can review your current layout and make suggestions on how to improve efficiency without having to rework your entire warehouse.

Contact our trained professionals to help you optimize your warehouse operation today!  Call us at 1.866.474.2001 or visit us online at www.storage-solutions.com.