Design / CAD Services

Xcad1An expert warehouse design can greatly expand the capacity of your warehouse. Making it more efficient, and allowing you to process more orders in less time, saving you and your client’s money. With an on-site visit we have the ability to review your layout and make suggestions on how to improve efficiency without reworking your entire warehouse.

There are many things to take into account when you consider designing a warehouse, including:

  • Ensuring the design can accommodate the weight and size of the specific products
  • Meeting safety codes for flammable liquid and hazardous material storage
  • Planning a layout that can be easily navigated by the forklifts, services carts, and any other material handling equipment
  • Expediting the shipping process through adequate loading spaces including higher bays and separate loading docks for receiving and shipping.

Additionally, a redesign of your warehouse space should take into consideration what can be done to improve your employees’ customer service, such as internet access for faster order processing and better inventory management. The best warehouse designs are adaptable to the growth of inventory and volume traffic.

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