Products and Parts D.C.

This project, located in Central Indiana, was about maximizing warehouse space for efficient storage & distribution of retail products & parts.   Storage Solutions combined pick modules and pallet rack to create a highly-effective operation for their customer.

The Project Details:

Square Footage:  500,000

Pick Modules:

  • 3 Pick Module Structures with 885 2-Deep Pallet Flow Lanes, 1156 15” Carton Flow Lanes and 6892 9” Carton Flow Lanes
  • 501 Sections of Bin Shelving with 8 levels
  • All flooring finished with Resindek and Roof Deck to custom fit around Conveyor in center of Pick Mods
  • Sprinkler And Lighting Provided
  • Trash Chutes Provided In Each Module


  • (1920) Bays of 108”W x 48”D x 360”H of Selective and Tire Rack
  • 2016 Uprights, 24000 Beams and Decks, Column Protectors
  • Sprinklers installed in Tire Racks to FM Global Specs
  • 13800 Linear Feet of Wire Guidance Installed for Fork Trucks



Partner Testimonial

“We have worked with Storage Solutions on many projects. This was one of the most versatile and they did a great job, once again, adapting to the changes. They make the installation process smooth and effective and their professionalism is always commendable. It’s safe to say I’ll be turning to Storage Solutions again for future project partnerships.”

–Chance, Project Manager


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