Third Party Logistics

The Storage Solutions installation crews were in Washington State to complete another massive facility for a 3PL customer. Even though the facility was an impressive 550,000 square feet, it was still critical to get the most out of every inch. Smart implementation of various equipment optimized flow, and quick installation helped get the facility up and running in no time.  This project includes everything from a bin mezzanine, to VRCs, to shelving, to cantilever rack!

The Project Details:

Square Footage:  550,000

Bin Mezzanine

  • 4,560 Total Bin Sections/Bays Provided (4,288 24”D x 36”W and 272 36”D x 36”W)
  • 49,460 sq ft Footprint in Building
  • 2 VRCs
  • 4 Stairs
  • Over 49,000 Shelves Installed
  • Over 33,000 Shelf Dividers Installed
  • 27,000 sq ft of Roof Deck and Resindek Installed


  • Over 1,477 Bays Installed Inside
  • 30 Bays Outside
  • Over 20,000 Beams Installed
  • 115,000 sq ft Footprint for Racking

Cantilever Racking

  • Approx 180 288” Double Sided Columns
  • Approx 350 Linear Feet of Cantilever Bays Provided
  • Over 2000 Cantilever Arms Installed



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