3PL Healthcare Supply D.C.

Quick turnaround and exceptional project management set Storage Solutions apart from our competitors with this Indiana healthcare supply distributor!

The Project Details:

Square Footage:  500,000

Products Installed: 1,500 Sections of pallet rack, 65 sections of carton flow, 125 sections of shelving, battery charger stations and safety equipment including guardrail, dome mirrors, bollards and safety netting

Their Problem / Our Solution:  The customer wanted new pallet rack very quickly.  Our strategic purchasing schedule and partnership with vendors allowed Storage Solutions to meet their deadlines and avoid lengthy lead times.

Storage Solutions offers a variety of project services, including design, project management and installation so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If you’re trying to outfit hundreds of thousands of square feet anew, or just trying to fine-tune your pick process for maximum speed, we deliver more than the materials you need, we deliver the right result.




Partner Testimonial

“Storage Solutions made it easy. Throughout the design process and with your crew leader onsite, we didn’t have to worry about anything.”

– Storage Solutions Customer


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