To Be An Intern, Or Not To Be… That Is The Question

Some people find it entertaining when I explain to them what my job entails.  More often than not, it is difficult for them to imagine how one could possibly talk about the material handling industry, pallet rack, shelving and the like through social media.  “Are other people in your industry even USING social media?” Pshhh… OF COURSE THEY ARE!  In this day and age, most people are using social media in some way, shape or form.  Whether it’s reading a blog post or newsletter sent out through an email marketing campaign or asking around on Twitter about where one can find more information on safety equipment and affordable solutions, people are talking.

That’s what makes my job so fun.  And it’s why I am so excited about our search to find the next Marketing/Social Media intern.  As a former Storage Solutions marketing intern myself, I can tell you first hand that it is one good gig.  Instead of talking about the exact same things everyone else is, this position is about taking what you have learned in school or through your own social media usage and applying it to a less conventional topic.  So…I have put together a list of the top 3 reasons you (or someone you know) should apply to be an intern this fall.



1.  You will have the opportunity to help develop a comprehensive social media plan using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and blogging to talk about one of the nation’s leading material handling companies.

2.  You will learn the do’s, don’ts, how’s and why’s of using social media and marketing in an industry that is still new to this digital marketing age.

3.  You will get to work with two fabulous other marketers (if I may say so myself) who have experience in marketing within multiple industries and love to explore new ideas and marketing opportunities!

So if you or someone you know may be interested in applying, check out our job description and send us your resume!  Our schedule is flexible and the experience is great!

PS:  If you’re on Twitter or Facebook… Share the info about this internship opportunity with your friends!