Cold Storage & Temperature Controlled Spaces

Warehouse Optimization

There has been a steady rise in the need for temperature controlled storage. If trends continue, facilities could need to add over 30 million square feet of it in the next several years to meet the demand.

Temperature controlled storage is a requirement for a wide variety of products. Cold storage facilities utilize freezers and coolers for storage of food products, the most common type of item needing temperature control. Items like pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies must be stored in space with similar conditions.

Why? Changes in humidity and temperature may cause these types of items to be ruined or made ineffective as a result of high variance in storage climate, leading to significant sunk costs in damaged inventory.

Cold storage or temperature controlled space is costly to construct and operate. Companies who use this space need to ensure they are effectively utilizing the cubic space of the facility to maximize return on this expensive square footage.

Denser storage methods are often used to increase the amount of product stored. The storage system must also be designed with the inventory characteristics in mind though, to allow for operational efficiency in receiving and picking products. We will help you every step of the way to optimize your cold storage or temperature controlled facility, and in turn, help ensure the best return on your investment in this pricey space.

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  • Maximizing storage within the cubic space available
  • Creating an operationally efficient storage and facility design in these tough work environments for employees
  • Utilizing material handling equipment that will operate effectively in cold storage space
  • The environment in cold storage space inherently leads to a higher likelihood of material handling and storage equipment damage
  • Employee safety should be a consideration in facility layout and design in these challenging work environments
  • Due to the types of items being stored, most times special regulatory requirements exist that impact facility layout and design
Temperature Controlled Storage

Facility Design Solutions

  • A storage design that includes the appropriate mix of storage methods to allow for efficiently picking
  • Dense storage methods for SKUs with many pallets on hand
  • Storage methods that allow for density and operational efficiency in selecting case pick and each pick SKUs

Storage Solutions

  • Drive-in rack
  • Pushback rack
  • Semi-automated deep lane storage system
  • Fully automated cart based AS/RS system
  • Dense storage methods with “pick tunnel” designs incorporated to accommodate case picking
  • Carton flow rack for case pick items
  • Vertical Lift Machines (VLMs) for each pick items