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Congratulations! You’re in charge of setting up a warehouse! You have to secure an optimal layout so your operation can run smoothly and safely.  So, what do you do? Warehouse design solutions help ease you into the right solution to run your facility as efficiently as possible.

Do You Need Warehouse Design?

While it is possible to get the information you need without a design drawing, there are substantial benefits from utilizing a professional facility drawing.

Our experienced team can draw a facility layout and spot potential problems and pain points before you have them, making the situation easier to remedy. These drawings allow us to make suggestions for different warehouse and racking solutions that were not thought of before. This process makes it easier to save money and get your facility built for the future.

Design layout drawings also make it easier to show all of your options clearly and concisely. Layout drawings will give you the information needed to make a well-informed decision on your warehouse setup. Another great benefit of warehouse design is the ease of quoting. With a drawing made before the quoting process, we can get you exactly the equipment and setup that will work best for your solution and take out all the guesswork.

Our team will take on the challenge of the design phase of your operation. All we need from you is the necessary information, and we do the rest! With our expertise, we can draft a layout that will optimize operational efficiency and maximize space utilization.

Learn more about our layout and design services here!

We are here to help prepare you for anything in your facility. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you plan and optimize your facility!

Employee of Q1

Storage Solutions would like to congratulate Greg Stier on being named our employee of the quarter for Q1 of 2017!
Greg is an integral part of Storage Solutions’ operations as a member of the CAD team.  If you get a warehouse layout from us, it is more than likely coming from the desk of Greg Stier.

What is Material Handling?

Material handling is defined as the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. The material handling industry is responsible for manufacturing and distributing the equipment and services required to create material handling systems. These systems range from pallet rack and shelving to conveyors and automated systems.

project OhioSo where does Storage Solutions fit in to the mix? ALL OF IT! Not only can our team provide you with the equipment necessary for an efficient storage operation; we provide the services needed to put your operation in motion. We are a turnkey solution to your warehouse design needs. Storage Solutions offers in house warehouse design, project management and installation teams that take our customers’ visions and turn them in to completed projects.

Interested in our services? Contact us at 866.474.2001 and our knowledgeable sales team will help find the solution that best fits your needs. We also sell new and used warehouse storage equipment. Visit us online and check out our ever-changing inventory.

The final time-lapse video for our project in Dallas is live!  This video chronicles the installation of 598 pallet rack bays, 810 single-level rack bins, and 300′ of guardrail in a 160,000 sq. ft. facility.


It’s amazing what you can do with an open space and a skilled installation crew! If you’re looking for someone to design, install and buy back your old equipment, contact us! We’d love your feedback on this project and the Project Spotlight Series in general, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section!

Well… it’s finally here! What you have all been waiting for. This week we’re featuring the finalized facility down in Georgia. It’s pretty cool time after time to get to see a job from start to finish.  Check out this video: Project Atlanta.

To recap this project:

  • 600 Pallet Rack Bays
  • 885 Bin Sections
  • 100 Linear Foot Wire Mesh Cage Area
  • Approx. 13,000 Footprint for Shelving Units
  • Approx. 58,000 Footprint for Racking

Up next, we’ve got Project Spotlights coming your way from Dallas, Illinois and more! We’d love your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

As we mentioned last week, our crew was hard at work installing equipment down in Georgia… Over 1 million square feet worth to be exact!  Check out the specs:


  • 600 Rack Bays
    • Approx 9300 Rack Locations Provided
    • 352 42”D Bays Installed – Most 96” but some are 144” Tunnel Bays
    • 249 60”D Bays Provided – Most 96” but some are 144” Tunnel Bays
  • 885 Bin Sections
    • 225 36”W x 36”D Units
    • 660 36”W x 24”D Units
    • Over 50,000 Shelves Provided and Installed
    • Lighting Provided In Bins Area
  • 100 Linear Foot Wire Mesh Cage Area
  • Approx. 13,000 Footprint for Shelving Units
  • Approx. 58,000 Footprint for Racking

We really do believe that our installation crews are the best in the business.  Check back next week for the final Project Atlanta post, complete with time-lapse video!

After a bit of a hiatus, WE ARE BACK.  We like Georgia for a lot of reasons, peaches included.  But it’s especially great because that’s where you can find our next Project Spotlight.  This time, we’re focusing on… ATLANTA.

Project Spotlight Installation


Objective – To provide inudstrial storage and material handling systems for multiple facilities on site.

The Nuts & Bolts – These systems include bin shelving systems, racking systems, conveyor solutions and other miscellaneous needs.

Storage Solutions Solution- According to our project manager, Dan Stroh, “we aid in this process by being a part of the development from the beginning to the end. We provide feedback on ways current systems can be improved as well as potential cost-saving opportunities for the customer.”

Featured Products:

Be sure to come back next week and see how far along our crew has come to completing the project!

And…. here it is. The finished project. Take a look at our time lapse video to see how Project Ohio came together.

Storage Solutions Project Ohio

Are you interested in Storage Solutions designing and installing a new warehouse for you? Be sure to call us for more information on what we can do for you! 866.474.2001

We’d love your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section!  We’ve got more project spotlights coming your way, so stay tuned!

Here we are with week number three for Project Ohio in our Project Spotlight Series.  This week we are focusing on what Storage Solutions installation crew members have installed in this facility.

PROJECT OHIO Installation Details:

Storage Solutions Project Ohio Week 3

  • 6,021 inside selective pallet rack bays
    • All bays incorporating new and used materials
    • Approximately 116,000 pallet rack locations provided
    • Over 90,000 pallet rack beams and wire decks installed (90,000 of each, 180,000 combined)
    • 400 cantilever columns installed
    • Over 8,500 cantilever arms
    • Interior racking area footprint > 450,000 Sq Ft.
  • 246 outside selective rack bays
  • Over 2,200 bin sections in two-level mezzanine
    • Bin mezzanine footprint nearly 45,000 sq ft.
    • Supports installed for 3rd level expansion when necessary
    • Lighting and sprinkler provided in bins area
    • 2 VRC lifts installed
    • 3 stairs
    • Approximately 14,000 sq ft of Resindek and RoofDeck installed for walking
  • 1.086 million sq ft building

We have made a lot of progress from the first Project Ohio post, week two, and now.  Check back next week for our final Project Ohio post for time-lapse video that will take you from start to finish!

The second posting of Project Ohio is all about numbers.  As we’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t matter if we’re working in a 5,000 sq. ft. space or a 1 million sq. ft. warehouse.  Our installation teams are among the best in the business and do an oustanding and efficient job.  This particular warehouse stands at 1.086 million square feet.  Check it out…

Storage Solutions Project Ohio Week 2

Project Ohio By The Numbers:

Project Ohio Term Of The Week: Mezzanines

Mezzanine is a structure that stands alone and is constructed within an existing building. This structure is designed to maximize space under and above it which creates additional space for storage or offices. You’ll notice in the photos that these structures are optimal for high-density storage and can withstand heavy loads.  They’re great for creating additional floorspace and are engineered to fulfill specific needs of each user.

Stay tuned next week to check out the project specifics and see photos of how things are progressing.  Click here to view last week’s Project Spotlight: OHIO posting and to view past Project Spotlight postings as well.