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New or Used Warehouse Equipment

In the same way that one would evaluate the benefits of purchasing a car for themselves, many warehouse managers are consistently assessing whether to buy new or used warehouse equipment in their facilities.

Most of the same variables apply.  Do you want something sleek and new? Is long-term or short-term cost more important to you? Do you need the automobile for a specific purpose?

Whether they are expanding, relocated, or repairing the racks in your facility, warehouse managers have many decisions to make, which is why we want to make it easy for those in the market for warehouse equipment to evaluate which option is best for them.

Benefits of New Warehouse Equipment

  • Strict Permitting Issues: If your project requires stringent permits to adhere to local or state regulations, it may be wiser to use new equipment because you can select the exact equipment that matches those requirements. However, permitting requirements can often be met with the right preowned equipment also.
  • The warehouse is a “showcase” for potential customers: If you are giving tours or showing off your facility in some capacity, you may want to showcase the aesthetics that comes with new equipment.
  • A specific weight capacity, size, or specifications are needed: If you are housing specific products without many potential changes in terms of product size, weight, or packaging, you can optimize your capacity with new equipment by designing your racking to exactly match your needs.

Benefits of Used Warehouse Equipment

  • Cost Savings: With strict project budgets, businesses are continually looking for ways to save. Used materials can be just as reliable as new, without the high price tag.
  • Immediate availability, generally no lead time: It can take manufacturers up to 8-10 weeks, or much more in the current environment, to fabricate your equipment. Used pallet rack is available immediately from our 330,000 sq. ft. warehouse!
  • Need to match an existing system: Keep in mind that while different manufacturing styles are compatible, you should speak with an expert before matching equipment from different sources.

Did You Know About Our Certified Pre-Owned Program?

We are committed to providing our customers with reliable, quality products, which is why we’ve created our Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Program. The Storage Solutions Certified seal is only placed on products that pass our rigorous five-point inspection so you can buy with the confidence that you’re getting only the best quality rack.

Our Five-Point Inspection ensures products are:

  1. Rust-free
  2. Stored in a climate-controlled environment
  3. Produced by a known manufacturer
  4. Structurally sound
  5. Handled adequately during installation/dismantle

Let’s Talk!

While the above is a rather simplistic, high-level breakdown, the right answer depends on several variables that will be unique to your operations. If you need additional assistance or would like to speak to a storage expert who can connect you with the most appropriate equipment to meet your needs, give us a call today! Our team is on-hand and has the expertise to get the job done.

Wire Decking Used Package 194
Wire Decking Used Package 194
Buy Used Warehouse Equipment SSI Warehouse

We are always looking for used equipment!  So why not let us pay you for your unwanted/unneeded materials?

Storage Solutions is your partner when it comes to buying used equipment.  We want to help you move your old or used materials for a competitive price.

While we appreciate the opportunity to buy any used equipment, there are a few things that we really need on an ongoing basis.

Teardrop Uprights

Uprights are our one of our most popular products at Storage Solutions. Because of that, quality uprights are always in high demand.

Teardrop beams

8′ beams are the most common, so we are always on the lookout for them.  As an integral part to nearly every project, we like to have quality beams in inventory at all times.

Wire Decking

Why Wire Decking? At Storage Solutions, we prefer to use wire decking for a number of reasons.  Since safety is paramount for us, wire decking is much better for fire code compared to the traditional wood pallets.  They are also more cost-effective and they drop right into place, making installation a breeze.

To learn more about our used equipment purchasing service, check out our Rack Buyback page!

essential solutions storage needs

As the COVID-19 crisis continues its lifecycle, businesses deemed non-essential are closing down across the country. Because our company serves many necessary logistics, construction, and supply chain industries, Storage Solutions is continuing to operate unless circumstances change. We were early to establish a COVID-19 Task Force and shift to a remote workplace, wherever applicable.

We also know that we are not alone in our essential role in our economy. Companies in the material handling industry are working safely to ensure deadlines are being met, and progress continues as well as it can, given the circumstances. We are seeing many businesses responding to a change in demand. Now more than ever, companies are seeing the need for flexible, dynamic operations and are adjusting how they work to meet those challenges head-on.

Our experts are always ready to learn about how the challenges are causing pain in operations. As our company is continuing to evolve, we have the expertise in providing essential solutions and so much more.

Let us know what we can do to help. Below are a few ways we are supporting companies who are running to the best of their ability to meet changing patterns in demand at a rate they may never have before.

We Are Buying and Selling Used Warehouse Equipment

We are here to help make sure your business and storage space has what it needs to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes that means having an affordable solution. We hunt for the best-used equipment and thoroughly inspect every piece to ensure it’s 100% safe and ready to use.

If you are getting rid of your equipment, reconfiguring your warehouse to meet new demands, or relocating your operations, we are also here to help you solve the issues that naturally arise. Whether it’s tools, lighting, logistics, or anything else the job requires, Storage Solutions’ experience and integrated services approach creates truly effortless teardowns that don’t need your constant attention.

Plan Projects with Turnkey Solutions

Because we take an integrated supply and service approach, we can manage projects of any scale to meet your timeline and budget. Need to get permits signed off? We can do that. Need an installation schedule developed? That’s our bread and butter. Need to handle logistics? Why rely on another vendor when we can do that in-house. Our Project Managers assume the unexpected and work with you closely to give you a single point of contact and peace of mind with better command and more control.

Determining the Right Course with Design and Dynamic Solutions

We know that the best solutions start with the best designs (link to blog), and we are ready and capable to get started in providing Design Solutions to develop the optimal storage layout and pick process custom developed for your operation. We can address issues like SKU proliferation, the impact of e-commerce, anticipated changes in demand, and factor in costs associated with labor. We want to give you a flexible and scalable solution based on data and expertise.

We can also talk about how adding dynamic solutions like automation to your operation no make it more technology-driven, no matter what level of automation currently exists (if at all). Many companies are looking for creative ways to stay competitive in an ever-changing economy, and one of the most cost-effective forms of changing the way your warehouse works is to introduce these solutions.

Let’s Talk About Essential Solutions!

Whatever your needs may be during this time, we are here for you. We are interested in learning about the challenges you may face. Whether those challenges arose before, during, or after the crisis, we are ready. Give us a call at 800-474-2001, and our experts would love to connect.

We are here to serve you with the essential solutions that are necessary to keep your business optimally running. And, we are here to do so in the highest degree.