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We have a large quantity of used Penco Steel Shelving available for sale! Contact your sales representative or call us at 866.474.2001 for purchasing details and additional information!


NOTE: All items are subject to prior sale.

steel shelving


36″ X 12″ – GRAY | QTY: 2,906
36″ X 30″ – GRAY | QTY: 13,074
36″ X 36″ – GRAY | QTY: 3,140
48″ X 18″ – GRAY | 2,746

Posts – 84 – 87″H (Box, Angle & Tee)

QTY: 7,174


24″ X 15″ | QTY: 550
24″ X 15″ | QTY: 390
36″ X 12″ | QTY: 1,565

Back Panels – 36 & 48″W x 87″H

QTY: 235

Back X-Braces

36″ | QTY: 1,195

Side Panels – 18″D x 75 – 87″H

QTY: 818

Side X-Braces

12″ | QTY: 820
30″ | QTY: 2,317
Front Bases36 & 48″W

QTY: 1,894

When it comes to the material handling industry, it can often times be difficult to keep up with the terminology we use from day to day.  We have decided to start posting a Term Of The Week to break it down in terms everyone can understand.

This week’s Term Of The Week:

Selective Pallet RackSELECTIVE RACK

Standard selective pallet rack is designed for the purpose of the bulk storage of palletized goods and equipment.  All types of pallet racking create some level of increase in storage density, storing materials in horizontal bays.  Pallet rack is an essential and ever-present element in most modern warehouse, manufacturing facilities, retail centers and other storage and distribution facilities.

Elements of Selective Rack:

  • Pallet Rack Uprights – the vertical pieces of these storage units, which are typically anchored to the floor and provide the support for the racking system.
  • Pallet Rack Beams – clip into the uprights and provide the horizontal support in these units.
  • Wire Decks – are the final element of these units, which sit on top of the beams and create the sheld that the pallets and/or goods sit on.

SPRING IS HERE!  Well… it was.  And then temperatures dropped 40 degrees and now we’re freezing again.  But we’ve got faith that warmer weather is headed our way again any day now.  Along with spring’s arrival, we as a company have decided to take a hard look at what it means to be green and take the environment into consideration as we head into warmer months.

Storage Solutions GreenWhen it comes to going green, not only do we look to make greener decisions within our daily office functions (we’re talking more emails, recycling paper goods, ride sharing and fewer printouts), but we also pride ourselves on providing customers with opportunities to make more environmentaly-friendly business decisions.

What Are We Doing?

There are plenty of ways, both large and small, that we are aiming to contribute to having a more positive impact on the world.

  • Shipping Via Railway
  • Selling USED equipment
  • Ride-Sharing To And From Project Sites
  • Recycling Paper Products
  • Print Less, Email More


While it is certainly not always going to be the cheapest option, rail cars can provide a very competitive price for some shipments.  Storage Solutions has managed to save companies thousands of dollars on freight costs by shipping via rail. Check out our previous blog posting for more info on the benefits of shipping via railway.

  • Railroads are three times more fuel-efficient than trucks
  • Railcars move freight without clogging freeways
  • Railcars emit only 2.6% of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emmissions, while truck account for 21% of that total

Selling Used Equipment

Purchasing pre-owned equipment is the most surefire way to have a positive impact on recycling. While companies often shy away from the “used” label on some steel products, used pallet rack can be just as effective albeit more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.  Check out a previous blog posting on the benefits of buying used equipment.

As far as the rest goes, we’re constantly looking for additional ways in which we can lessen our impact on the environment.  Using less paper, increasing our reliance on technology as a main way to communicate, sharing rides to and from job sites nationwide and more are way in which we are trying to do our part to be an environmentally-conscious company.

This holiday season, we have put together the Storage Solutions 2010 Holiday Wish List.  Here you will find the five things we can’t go without this holiday season… and you shouldn’t either!

From customer safety to buying and selling equipment, we wish for nothing but the best this holiday season.  Check out our top picks that will help you and your operation start 2011 of well!

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As always, our clearance section also offers more fantastic deals for your warehouse.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Give us a call at 866.474.2001 and we’d be happy to get you what you need in order to get your business off to a successful start 2011!

During a season that brings wishes of good health, happiness and prosperity, we can’t help but hope for the same for our customers and our business…


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