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Pallet Flow Rack Explainer

What is Pallet Flow Rack?

Pallet flow rack is selective rack placed back-to-back to allow for more storage space. Inclined conveyor wheel sections are installed in the rack, enabling back-loaded pallets to flow via gravity to the front or pick face.

Pallet FlowPallet flow rack consists of:

  • Pallet Rack
  • Gravity Flow Rails
  • Gravity Flow Speed Controllers

How it works:

Flow rails slant towards the unloading side of the pallet rack, using gravity to move pallets from the loading side to the picking side for retrieval.  Flow speed controllers are used to control the speed of the pallet as it moves along the rails. Once one load is removed from the unloading side of the pallet flow racks, the next slides into it’s place.

Why Pallet Flow Rack?

Pallet flow rack is not only designed to save valuable floor space and cut down on labor, but it provides high-density storage with multiple order picking levels.  This system is what we like to call a First-In, First-Out flow system (FIFO), which ensures that the faces along the picking aisle are always stocked.

Does this sound like something you are interested in knowing more about?  Is it the perfect fit for your warehouse operation?  Give us a call at 866.474.2001 and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be able to help you get what you need!

We also do customizable warehouse configurations, so if a reconfiguration is in order, definitely be sure to contact us!

CAD drawing of a warehouse

Tight timelines were no match for our Kansas City team when it came to getting this California customer up and running. Storage Solutions has built great relationships with industry leading manufacturers, allowing us to provide the best value and fastest delivery. Our customers can rest assured that their project will be a success, with no surprises along the way.

Square Footage: 350,000 SF

Products Installed: Over 40,000 Pallet Positions of Selective Racking, Powered Conveyor System, Wire Guidance

Their problem / Our Solution: The customer needed to maximize storage space in California while adhering to the fire code, and needed racking on site very quickly.  The Storage Solutions team was able to come up with a plan to maintain the minimum flu space, and have the rack arrive on site within 6 weeks despite current lead times extending out 10 weeks or more!

“The experience with Storage Solutions was exceptional. During a month long project, they provided updates at every step of the process, and took any necessary steps to keep the project on track. As changes were made during the project, Storage Solutions remained flexible and acted quickly to accommodate us. Additionally, when the forklift provider dropped the ball getting the wire guidance set up, Storage Solutions stepped in and took care of it for us. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the team, and working on many more successful projects!”

See a time-lapsed video of this project here.

For Part 1 of this blog, we covered the different components of pallet rack and how to determine which type you need for your operation. Part 2 is going to cover the different types of pallet rack systems!

pallet rack

Types of Pallet Rack:


  • Most common pallet rack used
  • Efficient when you have a low quantity of SKUs
  • Easy accessibility
  • Least dense

Double Deep

  • Fewer forklift aisles
  • Less selectivity
  • More storage density than selective rack

Drive In

  • Load and retrieve from the same side, creating LIFO inventory retrieval
  • Efficient when you have large quantities of different SKUs
  • Low selectivity
  • Cost effective
  • High density
  • Requires fewer forklift aisles

Push Back

  • Similar to drive in
  • Allows you to store pallets 2-5 deep and still have easy access to different SKUs
  • This system uses steel carts on inclined rails, and uses gravity flow to move product towards the pick aisles
  • Cost effective
  • High density
  • LIFO

Drive Thru

  • Pallet racking system that loads from one side and unloads from the other to create FIFO inventory retrieval.
  • Forklifts can enter from both aisles on either side of the rack
  • Low selectivity
  • High density
  • Excellent option for freezers

Pallet Flow

  • Similar to drive thru
  • This system uses wheels or rollers on sloped beam levels, and uses gravity flow to move product towards the pick aisle
  • It is perfect for fast-moving product with FIFO inventory retrieval
  • High-density

Carton Flow

  • Uses a gravity feed rear load design
  • Merchandise is loaded in the rear of each runway, and as an item is removed from the front, the item behind it slides forward on inclined rails in place of the previous item
  • FIFO


  • Elongated storage, furniture rack, tube rack, lumber rack
  • Single sided or double sided
  • Various heights and widths between uprights and lengths of the arms
  • High selectivity
  • Can use decking to span arms to create a solid level

If you have additional question or would like more information on any racking system, give us a call at 866.474.2001 or contact your sales representative!

Here we are with week number three for Project Ohio in our Project Spotlight Series.  This week we are focusing on what Storage Solutions installation crew members have installed in this facility.

PROJECT OHIO Installation Details:

Storage Solutions Project Ohio Week 3

  • 6,021 inside selective pallet rack bays
    • All bays incorporating new and used materials
    • Approximately 116,000 pallet rack locations provided
    • Over 90,000 pallet rack beams and wire decks installed (90,000 of each, 180,000 combined)
    • 400 cantilever columns installed
    • Over 8,500 cantilever arms
    • Interior racking area footprint > 450,000 Sq Ft.
  • 246 outside selective rack bays
  • Over 2,200 bin sections in two-level mezzanine
    • Bin mezzanine footprint nearly 45,000 sq ft.
    • Supports installed for 3rd level expansion when necessary
    • Lighting and sprinkler provided in bins area
    • 2 VRC lifts installed
    • 3 stairs
    • Approximately 14,000 sq ft of Resindek and RoofDeck installed for walking
  • 1.086 million sq ft building

We have made a lot of progress from the first Project Ohio post, week two, and now.  Check back next week for our final Project Ohio post for time-lapse video that will take you from start to finish!

TOTW Pushbackpush back pallet rack system allows palletized goods and materials to be stored by being pushed up a gently graded ramp. Stored materials are allowed to flow down the ramp to the aisle.

This rack configuration allows for deep storage at each rack level and last-in, first-out storage. All of the loads are stored and retrieved from the aisle. When a new load is deposited into a lane, it pushes back the one already at the front and all those behind it. Then, when that load is picked, the contents of the lane all move forward again, hence the term “push back rack.”

Why use a push back pallet rack system?

  • The nested carts make placement and retrieval easy
  • It saves storage space which leads to less cost
  • They offer the same storage density as and drive-in/drive-through racks

If you are looking to utilize space in your warehouse make sure to get some information on the push back pallet rack system. Storage Solutions would love to help you create the perfect warehouse for your company.

Source: WikiMheda_PushBackPalletRacks

Our Project Spotlight Series has officially started!  We would like to introduce you to the first project to kick off our series, which is located in Indiana.  For confidentiality purposes, we’re going to call this project PROJECT H.


Business Objectives:  To maximize warheouse space for efficient storage of heavy duty machinery and manufacturing parts.

Storage Solutions Project Spotlight

Featured Products:

This is just the beginning.  With Project H off to a successful start, be sure to check back next week to see our progress.  Also to be featured next week: pick module installation specs, any installation challenges on the job, and more photos!

When it comes to the material handling industry, it can often times be difficult to keep up with the terminology we use from day to day.  We have decided to start posting a Term Of The Week to break it down in terms everyone can understand.

This week’s Term Of The Week:

Selective Pallet RackSELECTIVE RACK

Standard selective pallet rack is designed for the purpose of the bulk storage of palletized goods and equipment.  All types of pallet racking create some level of increase in storage density, storing materials in horizontal bays.  Pallet rack is an essential and ever-present element in most modern warehouse, manufacturing facilities, retail centers and other storage and distribution facilities.

Elements of Selective Rack:

  • Pallet Rack Uprights – the vertical pieces of these storage units, which are typically anchored to the floor and provide the support for the racking system.
  • Pallet Rack Beams – clip into the uprights and provide the horizontal support in these units.
  • Wire Decks – are the final element of these units, which sit on top of the beams and create the sheld that the pallets and/or goods sit on.

Hello again, and welcome back to the Storage Solutions weekly blog.  This week, I would like to focus on new versus used pallet rack.  As an integral aspect of any warehouse dynamic, we’d like take a few minutes to discuss the benefits of buying used pallet rack.


pallet_img_1Standard selective pallet rack is designed for the purpose of the bulk storage of palletized goods and equipment. 

  • Pallet rack is typically found in warehousing operations.
  • Consists of uprights, beams, and wire decks.
  • Uprights are the vertical pieces of these storage units which are typically anchored to the floor and provide the support for the racking system.
  • Beams clip into the uprights and provide the horizontal supports in these units.
  • Wire decks are the final element of these units which sit on top of the beams and create the shelf that the pallets and/or goods sit on.


Drive-In Rack

  • Used pallet rack is less expensive— Since the global economy has fallen off the proverbial deep end, businesses everywhere are looking for new ways to save money.  So, it is easy to see why purchasing used pallet rack has become a more popular route for businesses trying to save a little extra money on their warehousing operations.
  • Avoid manufacturers’ lead times—When pallet rack manufacturers are busy, it can take them as long as 8-10 weeks before they are able to fabricate your equipment.  Used pallet rack, on the other hand, is available immediately.  The time saved by avoiding manufacturers’ lead times could be crucial if you are working on a project with a very short deadline.


Be sure to purchase equipment that has been stored indoors.Many used pallet rack dealers store their equipment in a field, leaving it exposed to the elements.  Rusty uprights, beams, and wire decks are the number one reason people complain about buying used pallet rack.

Here at Storage Solutions, we pride ourselves on the fact that every single pallet rack you purchase from us has been stored in a temperature-controlled setting.  With the recent addition of space, our 330,000 sq. ft. warehouse provides an ideal environment for storing new and used pallet rack.  Rust can develop on the insides of beams that have been exposed to the elements, so merely looking on the surface isn’t enough.

Well, that just about wraps up another Storage Solutions blog session.  But don’t forget to check out the clearance section of our website.  We are constantly adding new equipment so be sure to take a few minutes to see if there is anything that catches your eye

Hello again.  In this week’s blog, we are going to cover a few basic terms and definitions as they apply to the material handling industry.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding material handling equipment.

pallet-flow-racks1971-7112Dedicated Aisles–  An aisle in a warehouse serving only one function. This aisle can be for order selection, product storage, or both.

Buffer Storage–  The part of a warehouse in which back-up or reserve stock is stored awaiting transfer into active storage.

Belt Conveyor–  A continuous fabric, rubber, plastic, leather or metal belt operated over a suitable drive and tail end, and over belt idlers or slider bed for handling materials, packages or objects placed directly upon the belt.

Pallet Rack Shelving–  Standard pallet rack can be equipped with shelf panel inserts so that pallet rack can be used for storing binnable, rackable or palletized materials as needs change.

Pallet Loader–  An automatic or semiautomatic machine consisting of synchronized conveyors and mechanisms to receive objects from a conveyor(s) and place them onto pallets according to a prearranged pattern.

On behalf of all of us here at Storage Solutions, thanks for stopping by.  Don’t forget to join us again next week!

Drive-In RackStorage Solutions is proud to be partnered with Speedrack.  Speedrack has been at the forefront of the storage products industry for more than 50 years, and they have been responsible for a number of revolutionary designs for racking equipment.  From designing the first totally tubular selective rack to the first free standing drive in rack, Speedrack has set the bar high for racking design.

Storage Solutions is committed to providing our clients with industry leading materials and equipment.  We are a proud vendor of Speedrack’s selective rack, cantilever rack, and drive-in/drive-thru rack.  Together, Storage Solutions and Speedrack help to save you time and money on all your pallet racking needs.

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