The final time-lapse video for our project in Dallas is live!  This video chronicles the installation of 598 pallet rack bays, 810 single-level rack bins, and 300′ of guardrail in a 160,000 sq. ft. facility.


It’s amazing what you can do with an open space and a skilled installation crew! If you’re looking for someone to design, install and buy back your old equipment, contact us! We’d love your feedback on this project and the Project Spotlight Series in general, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section!

The key to providing customers with the best possible service is to give them a storage system that works.  And that’s just what we are aiming to do with every project we start.  From beginning to end, our installation crews are hands-on experts who see these jobs through effectively.

Project Dallas Specs:

  • 598 Pallet Rack  Bays
    • Approx 8400 Rack Locations Provided
  • 810 Single Level Rack Bins
    • 180 36”W x 36”D Bays Provided
    • 630 36”W x 24”D Bays Provided
    • Lighting Included in All Bin Aisles
  • Approx. 11,500 Sq Ft Footprint for Shelving Areas
  • Approx. 58,000 Sq Ft Footprint for Racking Areas

Project Dallas III

Last week’s photo:

Project Dallas II

Check out our next post to see the finished project in time-lapse video form.

The second posting of Project Dallas continues to focus on the equipment we’re installing in this 160,000 sq. ft. facility.  To refresh your memory, we’re installing: 598 pallet rack bays, 810 single-level rack bins, and 300′ of guardrail.

Business Objectives: is to provide industrial storage and material handling systems within these facilities.

Storage Solutions Project Dallas II

Last Week’s Photo:

Storage Solutions Project Dallas I

Keep checking back for updates and more photos on Project Dallas progress.  The reader-favorite time lapse video will be up in no time!

We’ve got quite the list of projects to showcase these days.  So we’re going to take you down to Texas, where we installed nearly 600 pallet rack bays, over 800 rack bins and 300 feet of guardrail space.

Project Dallas Week 1

Aspects of the project:

  • 598 Rack Bays
  • 810 Single Level Rack Bins
  • Approx. 300’ of Guardrail Installed
  • Approx. 160,000 Sq Ft. of Warehouse Space
  • Incorporated Both New and Used Racking Components

Why use Used Racking Components?

Not only will you save money on your warehouse redesign, but you are helping the earth by buying used materials as opposed to new. You might also find the other advantage of our equipment buy back program useful as buying from our used equipment section can help you save even more!

Take a look at our green initiative.

Check back next week to keep track of the progress on Project Dallas!

Well… it’s finally here! What you have all been waiting for. This week we’re featuring the finalized facility down in Georgia. It’s pretty cool time after time to get to see a job from start to finish.  Check out this video: Project Atlanta.

To recap this project:

  • 600 Pallet Rack Bays
  • 885 Bin Sections
  • 100 Linear Foot Wire Mesh Cage Area
  • Approx. 13,000 Footprint for Shelving Units
  • Approx. 58,000 Footprint for Racking

Up next, we’ve got Project Spotlights coming your way from Dallas, Illinois and more! We’d love your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

As we mentioned last week, our crew was hard at work installing equipment down in Georgia… Over 1 million square feet worth to be exact!  Check out the specs:


  • 600 Rack Bays
    • Approx 9300 Rack Locations Provided
    • 352 42”D Bays Installed – Most 96” but some are 144” Tunnel Bays
    • 249 60”D Bays Provided – Most 96” but some are 144” Tunnel Bays
  • 885 Bin Sections
    • 225 36”W x 36”D Units
    • 660 36”W x 24”D Units
    • Over 50,000 Shelves Provided and Installed
    • Lighting Provided In Bins Area
  • 100 Linear Foot Wire Mesh Cage Area
  • Approx. 13,000 Footprint for Shelving Units
  • Approx. 58,000 Footprint for Racking

We really do believe that our installation crews are the best in the business.  Check back next week for the final Project Atlanta post, complete with time-lapse video!

This week’s Project Atlanta is all about breaking down the details.   This 175,000 sq. foot building is beginning to come together rather nicely.  Check it out…

Aspects of Project Atlanta:

600 Pallet Rack Bays

885 Bin Sections

175,000 Sq Ft of Building

Project Atlanta 2"

It doesn’t matter if we’re working in a 5,000 sq. ft. space or a 1 million sq. ft. warehouse.  Our installation teams are among the best in the business and do an oustanding and efficient job.  Check back next week to see the continued progress we’re making down in Georgia!

After a bit of a hiatus, WE ARE BACK.  We like Georgia for a lot of reasons, peaches included.  But it’s especially great because that’s where you can find our next Project Spotlight.  This time, we’re focusing on… ATLANTA.

Project Spotlight Installation


Objective – To provide inudstrial storage and material handling systems for multiple facilities on site.

The Nuts & Bolts – These systems include bin shelving systems, racking systems, conveyor solutions and other miscellaneous needs.

Storage Solutions Solution- According to our project manager, Dan Stroh, “we aid in this process by being a part of the development from the beginning to the end. We provide feedback on ways current systems can be improved as well as potential cost-saving opportunities for the customer.”

Featured Products:

Be sure to come back next week and see how far along our crew has come to completing the project!

It’s hard to believe that summer has already come and gone.  We’re going to miss the long days and warm nights of summer, but there are so many exciting things happening here and in the material handling industry.  We’re excited to see what this fall will bring!

Storage Solutions Fall 2011

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And…. here it is. The finished project. Take a look at our time lapse video to see how Project Ohio came together.

Storage Solutions Project Ohio

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