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Storage Solutions would like to present the final time lapse video for the Project Mississippi series! We have so many projects starting soon, so stay tuned for the next Spotlight Series!

Without further hesitation…

Welcome to week 3 of the Project Mississippi series! The Storage Solutions installation team has been chugging along. It is looking like we may finish this project ahead of schedule!

This facility, like others we’ve covered in our Spotlight Series, has a bin supported mezzanine. On the mezzanine, our team installed a 34′ run of powered conveyor that carries packages from the floor the second level and vice versa.

Approximately 160,000 sq ft of the 540,000 sq ft facility is floor storage, so we will be installing labels for over 1,500 floor locations!

corinth 3

Check back next week to see the final time lapse video for Project Mississippi. To view past Project Spotlight Series, click here!

For this week’s Project Spotlight blog, we are going to cover vertical reciprocating conveyors because one will be installed by our crews in Mississippi after the mezzanine is finished!

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors, also known as VRCs, move equipment from one level to another. They can move efficiently to a mezzanine, rack/shelving storage system with catwalks, or a new/existing upper floor level. In addition, they are classified as a material conveyor, and the operators do not need OSHA forklift training. They can also transfer pallet loads, carts and boxes that may not fit on a forklift.

Other benefits to VRCs include:

  • Safe to operate
  • Less costly to operate and maintain compared to elevators and forklifts
  • Adjusts to your specific load (height, speed requirements)

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Want more information on Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors? Contact our online sales team at 866.474.2001!

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The Storage Solutions installation crew is back in Mississippi, not to be confused with the past Project Mississippi series!


Project Details:


  • Approximately 540,000 sq. ft


  • 768 bin sections
  • 8,418 shelves
  • 1 VRC
  • 2 stairs
  • Approximately 12,700 sq. ft.


  • 189,000 sq. ft.
  • Approximately 2,443 bays, 30,000 beams and 44,000 decks

Check back next week to see the progress our crews are making in Mississippi. To view past Project Spotlight Series, click here!

The final time lapse video of our Mississippi project is finally here! Watch the Storage Solutions installation team dismantle the 500,000 sq ft facility below!

Coming soon we’ve got Project Spotlights for Washington State, Illinois and California! We’d love your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

Welcome back! In week three of the Storage Solutions Project Mississippi Spotlight series, we are going to share with you everything that has or will be dismantled before the completion of the project.

Storage Solutions

Project Details:

  • Approximately 2000 bin sections (combination of 36”W x 36”D and 36”W x 24”D) in a two level bin mezzanine
  • Three stairs and one vertical reciprocating lift
  • 2,725 bays torn down, mix of 102″W, 132″W and 144″W bays
  • 1,550 Pallet Positions of Selective Rack
  • Total Material Counts:
  • 1,100 Uprights
  • 10,000 Beams
  • 20,000 Pallet Supports

Our team has made a lot of progress from the first Project Mississippi post, week two, and now.  Check back next week for our final Project Mississippi post for the time-lapse video that will take you from start to finish!

It doesn’t matter if we’re working in a 2,000 sq. ft. space or a 2 million sq. ft. warehouse; our installation team is the best in the business. The facility our team is dismantling in Mississippi is 500,000 sq ft.  Check it out…

Storage Solutions

Like I mentioned last week, the Project Mississippi dismantle includes tearing down a 15,000 sq ft, two story bin mezzanine, three stairs and one vertical reciprocating lift.

A mezzanine is a structure that stands alone and is constructed within an existing building. This structure is designed to maximize space under and above it which creates additional space for storage or offices. Mezzanines are extremely durable structures and can be designed to sustain heavy loads. These are great for creating other levels using your existing space; if you need more space, allow mezzanines to build up instead of out.

3 Types of Mezzanine:

  • Free-Standing
  • Shelving/Bin Supported
  • Racking Supported

Stay tuned next week to see photos of how our team is progressing.  Click here to view last week’s Project Spotlight: Mississippi posting. You can also view past Project Spotlight posts.