Storage Solutions has used Particle Board Shelves available for sale immediately! Contact your sales representative or call 866.474.2001 for additional information.

NOTE: All items are subject to prior sale.

particle board


36″ X 18″ X 3/8″ PARTICLE BOARD SHELVES | QTY: 570 | $2.00

36″ X 24″ X 5/8″ PARTICLE BOARD SHELVES | QTY: 5,984 | $2.00


Storage Solutions moved into a new facility this past spring and we have miscellaneous material at our old facility that we want to get rid of! The material includes, carts, cabinets, shelving units, workbenches, particle board, and much much more!  Some of the items are listed on our eBay store or you can call us at 866-474-2001 to set-up an appointment to walk through and see it!  Direct any and all questions to AJ!