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Celebrating 40 Years

After 40 years of service to the material handling industry, Storage Solutions is excited to be celebrating our 40th anniversary with you!

Without you, there is no us. We are happy to have partnered with you throughout the years on many projects within the United States and abroad. We have done installation jobs in facilities right in our backyard in Indianapolis, all the way to “Down Under” in Australia. We aim to give you the service that you expect from a small business, while still providing you with the resources of a nationwide company.

Over the years, we started in a small office in Carmel, Indiana. Since then, we have grown to a 330,000 square foot facility in Westfield, IN, along with sales offices in Kansas City, Nashville, Phoenix, Florida and California. We started with only a handful of employees, and we are excited to have eclipsed the 100 employee mark in 2001.

While celebrating this month, we recognize where we have been as a company, where we are now, and where we want to be in the future. We continually strive to be the leaders in the material handling industry, and we appreciate having our employees, our customers, and our partners with us every step of the way.

shelving down the aisle of a warehouse

At Storage Solutions, we make sure that we put 110% into every job that we do, and we are always ecstatic to hear that our customers agree.  By purchasing used equipment from our inventory, we were able to save this customer over $100,000!  We kept it local for this project; working on a warehouse just outside downtown Indianapolis, and we received great feedback from our customer!

To help keep our customer operational in their main warehouse, we put a project plan together to provide seed rack in the new 85,000 square foot building out of SSI used stock, and we then broke the rest of the project into 4 stages, each beginning with dismantling a portion of their current building and installing at the new location. We added rack protection everywhere we could and replaced all of the customer’s uprights that were damaged or too short, hence maximizing the taller ceiling heights in the new building.


1. Everything we sold them came out of our used inventory

2. We were able to make a lot of last minute changes that saved them money

3. We are providing a credit to them for any material they didn’t want to use at the new building (primarily damaged uprights and some misc. beams).

4. We handled all of the design aspects of their layout to maximize the space

5. The customer took advantage of the opportunity to sell their previous materials back to us, which resulted in even more overall savings.

We tore down some old material for our customer, over 3,500 pallet positions and 450 carton flow pick facings.  We then installed their new equipment, over 5,000 pallet positions and nearly 1,000 carton flow pick facings.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for us, so we made sure that we were with them every step of the way.  Our customer had this to say, “Even with a few bumps to overcome during the project, Storage Solutions always kept our needs first and made changes to make sure we were pleased.”

View the full case study here and call us today and let us be the ones to take care of your warehouse project!