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As 2010 draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do with that remaining budget so you don’t lose it for next year!  Here at Storage Solutions, we have the material handling supplies and capabilities you need to prepare your operation for a successful start to 2011.

Whether you’re relocating, downsizing or reconfiguring your warehouse, or if you’re just looking to add some safety and protection equipment to keep your investment safe, we’ve got what you need.


USED UPRIGHT PROTECTOR-resized-600Used Upright Protectors

Keep your investments safe the inexpensive way.  Our used upright protectors are perfect for deflecting any forklift damage and preserving the integrity of your new or used pallet rack system.

Upright protectors and all safety equipment is subject to prior sale.

USED TOOL CABINETUsed Storage Cabinets

Used storage cabinets are perfect for keeping your warehouse organized and tools in place.  These are inexpensive ways to ensure that your operation runs smoothly.

Used storage cabinets and all safety equipment is subject to prior sale.

Some of the items available include:

  • Safety Items
  • Column Protectors
  • Upright Protectors
  • Guardrail
  • Shelving Units
    • Inter Royal
    • Equipto
    • Republic
    • Lyon
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Workbenches
  • And more…

Be sure to check out our clearance section for other products like used pallet rack beams, used pallet rack uprights, used wire decks, and more!  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, fill out a contact us form or call our sales representatives at 866.474.2001.  We are always getting more new and used products and can help get you what you need.

Hello again, and thanks for visiting the Storage Solutions weekly blog post!  This week we will be providing the specs for a package of used pallet rack that we have just purchased.  All of the pallet rack is Frazier Structural Rack, and it is available as both Drive-In and Pushback pallet rack.  Let’s take a look at the products.

drive inFrazier Structural Drive-In Pallet Rack:

  • 2 Deep x 4 High–18 Bays with 144 Pallet Positions
  • 3 Deep x 4 High–66 Bays with 792 Pallet Positions
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Uprights are 252″H and the entry uprights have Cant Legs angled back at 12″
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Uprights are on 54″ Centers
  • Drive-In Pallet Rack Beams are 50″L

pushbackFrazier Structural Pushback Pallet Rack:

  • 3 Deep x 4 High, 2 Pallet Wide Pushback Pallet Rack–164 Bays with 3426 Pallet Positions
  • 3 Deep x 4 High, 1 Pallet Wide Pushback Pallet Rack–5 Bays with 57 Pallet Positions
  • 3 Deep x 2 High, 3 Pallet Wide Pushback Pallet Rack–4 Bays with 72 Pallet Positions
  • Pushback Pallet Rack Uprights are 288″H
  • Pushback Pallet Rack Lanes are 150″D from front to back
  • 4 Spans of safety netting is available for the 3 Pallet wide pushback pallet rack for the tunnel lanes
  • Structural end-of-aisle protectors are available at various lengths

Please contact Storage Solutions for more information on this used pallet rack package or to inquire about other new/used pallet rack and other material handling equipment.

We want to remind you to review your safety standards regularly! Here are some things to check to get make sure your protecting your investments.


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