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Storage Solutions has a new used equipment package available!  This package includes 6 carousel shelving systems and 2 aisle saver moveable shelving systems.  All of these systems are manufactured by White.

carouselCarousel Shelving
Model Number:  530 RS232

  • This system is 8 years old, and is 54′ x 6′
  • There are 30 sections, each of which are 8’H x 31″W x 21″D
  • These sections hold 2 types of Akro-Mills 1800 totes:  8″W x 7″H x 21″D, and 11″W x 7″H x 21″D
  • Each control panel runs two machines with controls and foot pedals

aisle saverAisle Saver Shelving

  • 57′ x 25′ x 105″ overall height
  • Shelving is 201″H x 36″W x 21″D with 10 Shelves
  • 14 double sided carriers with 16 sections of shelves in each
  • Floor is diamond plate with welds every 18″
  • TBS is on the clips

Contact us with any questions, and one of our industry professionals will be happy to help you out.  Also, don’t forget to check out all of the great deals on the clearance section of our website!

Storage Solutions received another used package!  We have purchased hundreds of Lyon & Equipto shelf drawer insert units and shelf bins, Akro-Mills & Quantum plastic bins / containers / totes and some Kardex Trays in several different sizes. These items are located in Westfield, IN and can be sold individually or as a whole package. They are stacked and palletized and ready to ship!

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Blog_plasticbins Blog_KardexTrays

Ways to purchase:
1.  visit www.storage-solutions.com
2.  Call 866.474.2001