Storage Solutions Term of the Week: Wire Decking

This Week’s Term Of The Week:  Wire Decking

Wire decking is used in pallet rack and other types of storage rack. Made from galvanized steel, wire decking enables you to store a wider variety of items. This aspect of pallet racking also protects against falling inventory that may result from pallet bundlers or damaged/misplaced pallets.

Wire DeckingThe rack is created with welded wire mesh with integrated support channels that are welded to the bottom of the span that is between the rack beams and carries the load. It can be created to accommodate any depth of rack or beam length. It can also be designed/built for a range of load bearing capacities.

Buying used wire decks can be an extremely easy way to cut down on expenses. Storage Solutions has a large selection of used beams, used uprights, and used wire decks for you to choose from. We specifically store our pallet racks inside our warehouse; that way we can ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality of used wire decking available.

Source: WikiMHEDA/Wire Decking

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