Storage Solutions Re-Term of the Week: Pallet Rack

pallet rackFor those of you that don’t know, yesterday, Sunday, June 3rd was National Repeat Day (yes, I said Repeat Day). National Repeat Day is a day for everyone to go out and do the things they love over again.  Go fishing for two hours instead of one, ride your bike in the morning then again in the evening, or eat your favorite dessert twice!

Well, one thing we love here at Storage Solutions is pallet rack, so to celebrate Repeat Day we are re-posting a previous Term of the Week blog.

This week’s re-term of the week is Pallet Rack!

Pallet rack is a structural storage system that is used to support high stacking of items or palletized loads. This storage system is designed to store materials on pallets.

There are many types of pallet racking but all types allow for the storage of palletized materials. In order to use the pallet rack system you need to have access to forklift trucks so that you can place the loaded pallets onto the racks for storage. Pallet racks are an essential element in most modern warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centers, and other storage and distribution facilities.

We use many types of pallet racking in our own warehouse. We also buy and sell new and used pallet rack beams and used pallet rack uprights.

If you are in need of pallet racking make sure to check out the clearance section of our website for more product availability, or contact our online sales team at 866.474.2001, and one of our knowledgable team members will be able to help you get what you need!

Source:  wikiMHEDA/Pallet Racking