Storage Solutions Is Proud to be Partnered With Unex!!

We would like to devote this week’s blog to our partnership with Unex. Established in 1964, Unex has long been a leader in the carton flow process.  Dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that help improve the order selection and picking process, Unex redefined the carton flow industry with the introduction of Span-Track in 1994.  Their carton flow products help decrease both labor and space costs while providing better organization and potential for order fulfillment.  Unex continues to be the industry leader in carton flow systems and other solutions that require dynamic and live storage.

57-608A_bkIntroduced in 1994, Span-Track quickly became the industry standard and established Unex as a leader in carton flow.  The full width rollers provide 100% to 300% more surface area compared to other carton flow options.  With 7 different models, Span-Track can be the solution for any of your carton flow needs.

Flow Cells and RollerRacks are custom engineered gravity flow racks that improve work flow within the manufacturing process and line-side assembly picking systems that feed it.  The custom engineering allows your process to benefit from their use through the combined expertise provided by Unex and Storage Solutions.  Flow Cell can be used for light duty applications and is mobile while RollerRack can support higher capacities.

Gravity Conveyor from Unex provides all of the advantages of Span-Track, including drop-in installations, but offers higher capacities, the ability to span longer unsupported lengths, and can aid in adding the benefits of live storage to difficult to convey items.  The steel rollers in Gravity Conveyor can withstand abusive conditions that Span-Track or other carton flow may not while being as easy replacement.

For more information on Unex, or any other questions about material handling equipment, give us a call at 866.464.2001 and one of our experts will be happy to help.