Storage Solutions Behind the Scenes: Our Project Managers

Here at Storage Solutions our number one priority is to meet the demands of our clients in a quick, and timely manner while maintaining the highest standards of quality in our work.  There are many different phases in this process, and one which often times goes unnoticed is the work done by our team of Project Managers.  While the sales reps are the ones that have the face-to-face relationship with our clients, the project managers are the ones that ensure that all of the details of the project are properly planned out and executed.  The sales reps are responsible for finding the best solution for the needs of our clients, but the project managers take over from there.

From the inception of a project, the project managers are responsible for providing pricing for the material, freight rates, and installation.  They also coordinate with our team of CAD designers to ensure that the blueprints and drawings match the exact specifications of the customer.  Finally, the project managers are the main point of contact for clients questions about the project.

Angie Rajski
13 years @ Storage Solutions
Kelly Hargis
7 years @ Storage Solutions
Josh Stanton
2 years @ Storage Solutions
Dan Stroh
2 weeks @ Storage Solutions