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No two businesses are exactly alike. And, while it’s tempting to try to put a label on everything, at Storage Solutions we understand the importance of seeing each and every client as an individual, 100% unique. So, when it comes to solutions development, no company can do it better than Storage Solutions. For the past four decades we’ve lead the industry, developing creative solutions for a wide range of businesses across the country and around the globe. By taking the time to get to know each of our clients, we approach each project with an in-depth understanding. This upfront investment holds us accountable to the results, keeping our team committed to your business’s success from beginning to end. Over the years we’ve worked on some fantastic projects and, most importantly, we’ve been the driving force behind some fantastic results. Below you’ll find a few of those projects and their accompanying case studies so that you can see for yourself why Storage Solutions really is the expert when it comes to smart solutions development.

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Cooler – Dry
Packaging Facility

 65,000 Sq.Ft. in Ohio

Animal Feed

146,400 Sq.Ft. in Wisconsin

Meat Processing Industry Supplier

241,000 Sq.Ft. in Riverside, MO

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