New Hire Spotlight: Tina Doty


Welcome to Storage Solutions, Tina Doty!

We are pleased to welcome Tina Doty to Storage Solutions! Tina joins our Logistics Handling Solutions (LHS) team as a Logistics Manager working remotely from Illinois. Tina has prior knowledge and experience in logistics handling. Tina was in sales and covered freight that she received from her customers in her most recent role.

Tina has two sons & 6 grandchildren to keep her busy! She loves to go to church each week while helping others daily in their times of need. Vacations on cruise ships with her sister, visiting the casino, gardening and dancing are just a few of her interests. She also enjoys cooking with the produce she grows!

What are you most excited about working at Storage Solutions?

“Working and learning alongside a great team of established workers with the same passion I have to achieve our company needs and goals. I’m also excited to watch Storage Solutions continue to grow and explore many new opportunities.”

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