New Hire Spotlight: Kyle Rowles


Welcome to Storage Solutions, Kyle Rowles!

We are pleased to welcome Kyle Rowles to his new position on the Storage Solutions team. Kyle joined our Operations team as a Project Manager. He will be working out of our Westfield office, handling many aspects of both operations and facilities.

Kyle graduated from Ball State with a degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management with a double minor in Entrepreneurial Management & Six Sigma. Since then, he has worked at AmTab as a Logistics Coordinator. In his free time, Kyle enjoys traveling to visit with friends & family. He also participates in volleyball and softball. So far, a few of his life highlights include becoming an uncle (now uncle to 2), surprising his stepbrother in San Diego when he graduated from Marine Corps training camp, and a previous vacation to Florida, where he and a friend got to save 24 newly hatched sea turtles.

What are you most excited about with working at Storage Solutions?

“I am most excited to get the opportunity to learn more about purchasing and supply chain in general since it was my field of study as an undergrad. I am also looking forward to getting the opportunity to travel while also getting a “family” environment in the office.”

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