Meet Storage Solutions Employee Dan Stroh

strohStorage Solutions is excited to announce that we have a new team member!  Dan Stroh has just joined our team of Project Managers at Storage Solutions Inc.  One of Dan’s main responsibilities as a project manager will be taking care of the logistics for the shipping and receiving of pallet rack and material handling equipment.  He will also coordinate with our pallet rack and material handling vendors to make sure that we have an appropriate amount of new storage equipment in stock.  However, his most important responsibility at the moment is assisting in the order entry for new and used pallet rack and storage equipment.  This is to ensure that we are able to process all of the purchase orders and cater to our clients’ needs in a timely manner.

Dan has also been brought on board to help organize a large project we will be undertaking in the near future.  Storage Solutions has decided to add a large refabrication center to our current facility.  We will soon have the ability to refabricate pallet racking uprights and beams, allowing us to customize our storage equipment to the exact specifications of our customers. This is yet another step we are taking towards becoming the industry leaders for pallet racking and material handling equipment.

Now let’s get to know Dan:

Hometown:  Columbus, IN

Education:  DePauw University

What is the most interesting job you had before coming to work for Storage Solutions?  “The most interesting job experience I’ve had was working as an intern with the American Leadership Academy.  The Academy is based out of Indianapolis, but they host students in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico every spring.  The added joy from being able to swap the dismal Indiana winter for the sun and beaches of Cabo, along with getting to meet and become friends with many different succesful leaders made for a truly unforgettable experience.”

What excites you the most about being part of the Storage Solutions team?  “While terms like pushback rack, carton flow, and roll form pallet rack were very confusing on day one, I am beginning to understand many of the different terms and applications for the equipment in this industry.  I am just excited to continue learning more about the pallet racking and material handling industry so that I can have a positive impact on the Storage Solutions team.”