Meet our New Intern: James Cira

Storage Solutions has a new intern!  I would like to take a few minutes this week to introduce him to everyone.  Let’s get to know a little about James.

DSCN6692Where are you from?  “I am from Elkhart, and I went to high school at Concord High.  I am currently attending Ball State University where I study Marketing.”

What brought you to Storage Solutions?  “I first came into contact with Storage Solutions at a BSU Career Fair.  After coming in for an interview, I noticed that Storage Solutions is a great company, and is a market leader in the material handling industry.  I decided to accept an internship position because I believe this experience will assist my own personal and professional development.”

What has been your most interesting experience so far?  “My most interesting moment so far has been going down to the jobsite in Greenwood, IN to see a new distribution center that we are outfitting with used pallet rack.  I really enjoyed seeing how we turn a big empty warehouse into a fully equipped, fully functional distribution center.”

Tell us something interesting about yourself.  “I have an identical twin brother.”

On behalf of everyone here at Storage Solutions, welcome to the team!

On a side note, we will be adding more material handling equipment to the clearance section of our website every week.  Make sure to take a few minutes to see if there is anything on there that catches your eye!

Thanks for joining us this week.  I hope you all check back again next Thursday.