Spring Coaches Spotlight

New season, new beginnings

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds blossom, animals awaken, and the earth seems to come to life again. It’s inspiring because the weather is picking up and those who are in school are feeling a bit more optimistic about the year coming to an end. They are eager to get outdoors, be active, and play sports. Not only do the kids get excited, but the parents as well. With that, here at Storage Solutions, we believe that’s it’s important to have a work/life balance and many of our employees take full advantage of that by coaching sports. We have employees that are coaches year round and some who only coach seasonal sports. I’d like to take a moment to highlight those whose season is just beginning – our Spring Coaches.

Meet our coaches

First, we have Josh Stanton. Josh has coached many sports teams over the years, but now he only coaches his son’s minor league division baseball team. He enjoys coaching because he finds it to be a very rewarding experience. He is able to see how young men and women improve throughout the year and apply the fundamentals of what he has taught them. Josh takes pride in seeing the young kids succeed, although it does become hard when he has to pick them up after a failure.

Next is Vince Zito. Vince coaches a 14U girls soccer team at Noblesville United Soccer Club. He has been coaching 2 of his 3 daughters since 2008, playing at various local travel clubs. The part that Vince enjoys the most about being a coach is the relationships that he has been able to build over the past several years. To go along with that, it’s rewarding for Vince to see the young girls mature and grow into young adults. Vince and the team are excited to kick the season off as it should be an extremely competitive season.

Last but not least we have AJ Fritsche.  AJ coaches two teams, a 10U travel, and an 8U regular softball team. He has coached for 3 years and enjoys it because of the extra time he gets to spend with his two daughters.  His favorite part of coaching is seeing the young kids falling in love with a sport that he loved at that age.

We at Storage Solutions look forward to hearing how their teams do and hope they all have great (winning) seasons! Are you interested in finding out who our other coaches are? Visit our Team Page.