Sale on Clearance Shelving (2010)

Hello again.  We here at Storage Solutions would like to take a few minutes this week to tell you about some clearance shelving units that we currently have for sale.  Let’s take a look at the product!

InterRoyal Closed Steel Shelving Units
These units are used, but are still in very good condition.  All of the units are gray.  They are all 99″H x 36″W, and are available in both 18″D and 24″D.  In an effort to give our customers the best possible price on these units, we have put them together in a package of 8 units.  These units will be situated in two rows of four, and will share side and back panels.

4Starter Unit

  • (1)  Back Panel
  • (2)  Side Panels
  • (7)  Shelves

Add-On Unit

  • (1)  Back Panel (unless it shares           a back with another unit)
  • (1)  Side Panel
  • (7)  Shelves

This package deal offers 8 units, with 7 shelves each for a cost of $600.  If you wish to purchase fewer than 8 units, the price per unit will be $115/each.  Additional units, shelves, shelf dividers, and front bases are available upon request.

Please contact Dan or AJ at 866.474.2001 if you would like more information, or if you would like to place an order.  Thanks for listening.  We hope you’ll all check-in again next week!

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