Drive-In RackStorage Solutions is proud to be partnered with Speedrack.  Speedrack has been at the forefront of the storage products industry for more than 50 years, and they have been responsible for a number of revolutionary designs for racking equipment.  From designing the first totally tubular selective rack to the first free standing drive in rack, Speedrack has set the bar high for racking design.

Storage Solutions is committed to providing our clients with industry leading materials and equipment.  We are a proud vendor of Speedrack’s selective rack, cantilever rack, and drive-in/drive-thru rack.  Together, Storage Solutions and Speedrack help to save you time and money on all your pallet racking needs.

For those of you who don’t know a lot about pallet rack, here are some helpful terms and definitions:

Double-Deep Racks – Usually two rows of selective racks, one placed behind the other, on which pallets may be placed two deep by a double-deep reach truck. Fifty percent of all loads are immediately accessible and, in the worst case, it is necessary to remove the front pallet on any level to have access to the one immediately behind it. Applies to a storage requirement for many pallets of few SKUs.

Automated Storage/Retrieval System (AS/RS) – A combination of equipment and controls, which handles, stores and retrieves materials with precision, accuracy and speed under a defined degree of automation. Systems vary from relatively simple, manually controlled order-picking machines operating in small storage structures to computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems, totally integrated into the manufacturing and distribution process.

Material(s) Handling – 1. An aspect of materials management relating specifically to the physical transfer of materials.  2. The movement of materials (raw materials, scrap, semi-finished and
finished) to, through and from productive processes; in warehouses and storage; and in receiving and shipping areas.

wildeck_mezzanine_03-resized-600Pallet Rack Shelving – Standard pallet rack can be equipped with shelf panel inserts so that pallet rack can be used for storing binnable, rackable or palletized materials as needs change.

Mezzanine – (pictured right) A platform supported with structural members, used for storage or operations; constructed at a height which permits movement of people and equipment below.

CART2SHELFR-279-lg-resized-600We here at Storage Solutions would like to devote this weeks blog to the new Clearance Section on our website.  As you may or may not know, we recently moved into a new, state of the art facility.  Our new facility filled up quickly with the used pallet rack that we buy and sell.  Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough space to fit everything from our two old warehouses under our new roof.  BOATTABLE-BEST-resized-600So, we have decided that the equipment that is still being stored in our old warehouses will be put on clearance in an effort to sell it a little faster.  Some of the items available in our Clearance Section includes utility/service carts, workbenches, office furniture, shelving, and other used warehouse equipment.  Please visit the Clearance Section of our website for more information and pricing.

Storage Solutions has two used equipment packages available, arriving at our facility in Westfield, IN this week! Drive in pallet rack, selective rack and wire decking! Some of the specific items are:

  • (1,200) 96″ x 4″ Teardrop Beams
  • (1,300) 96″ x 3″ Teardrop Beams
  • (2,700) 96″ x 4-1/8″ Mecalux Teardrop Beams
  • (230) 42″D x 144″H Mecalux Teardrop Uprights
  • (350) 42″D x 216″H Mecalux Teardrop Uprights
  • (250) 42″D x 216″H Teardrop Uprights
  • Over (2,000) pallet positions of drive-in rack

For more information including pictures, capacities, and colors please call 866-474-2001 or e-mail AJ at

Storage Solutions received another used package!  We have purchased hundreds of Lyon & Equipto shelf drawer insert units and shelf bins, Akro-Mills & Quantum plastic bins / containers / totes and some Kardex Trays in several different sizes. These items are located in Westfield, IN and can be sold individually or as a whole package. They are stacked and palletized and ready to ship!

Blog_DrawerInsert1 Blog_ShelfBins1
Blog_plasticbins Blog_KardexTrays

Ways to purchase:
1.  visit
2.  Call 866.474.2001


Storage Solutions moved into a new facility this past spring and we have miscellaneous material at our old facility that we want to get rid of! The material includes, carts, cabinets, shelving units, workbenches, particle board, and much much more!  Some of the items are listed on our eBay store or you can call us at 866-474-2001 to set-up an appointment to walk through and see it!  Direct any and all questions to AJ!

Kardex Storage SolutionsStorage Solutions and Kardex Helps You Save Time & Space with Automation

From paper clips, files, storage media to artifacts, inventory, tools and dies and everything in between, Kardex has a level of automation which will meet your space, time, security and budget requirements!

For over 10 years Storage Solutions and Kardex have provided leading organizations automated systems such as the Kompakt® mobile storage systems to Lektriever® Electric Lateral Files to Industriever® and Titan® Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)… all designed to provide solutions which provide increased efficiencies required to meet your business and organizations needs.

Contact Us and let us show you how we can help:

  • Double your floor space capacity
  • Increase productivity by 66%
  • Improve workers ergonomics
  • Enhance inventory turns

Learn more:

We currently have 100″W x 32″D & 75″W x 32″D 600# Titan trays available in new & used! Let us know if you are interested!

Kardex Titan Trays

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We want to remind you to review your safety standards regularly! Here are some things to check to get make sure your protecting your investments.


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Used EquipmentOur niche at Storage Solutions is assisting clients with any type of warehouse transition. We know that selling or moving your current material handling equipment can be a large headache. Storage Solutions is here to solve that problem.

Let us buy your used material handling equipment as we help you transition to a new warehouse or redesign your current one. Not only will you save money on your warehouse redesign, but it removes the hassle of finding a buyer and shipping your used equipment.

Contact us today to get our free recommendation for your new operation!

We want to educate you with some Pallet Rack definitions:

selectivePallet Storage Rack A structure composed of two or more upright frames, beams, and connectors for the purpose of supporting palletized materials in storage. Among the common methods of assembly are welded, bolted, or clipped.

Selective Rack – Pallet rack that is one load (single) pallet deep. Implies all loads are equally accessible from the (fork truck) aisle. Contrast with Double-Deep Racks.

cantileverCantilever Rack (pictured right) A rack consisting of arms cantilevered from columns. Most useful when there is need for a full clear shelf that can be loaded from the front without obstructing uprights.

First-In, First-Out (FIFO) – An inventory valuation method, in which costs of material are transferred in chronological order.

Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) – An inventory valuation method, in which costs are transferred in reverse chronological order.

If you have questions about these terms or would like our help on an upcoming project, let us know!