Vertical Lift Machines

Vertical Lift Machines, the Solution to Your Project

Vertical Lift Machines (VLMs) are the automation solution that could bring your operation to the next level. Automation is, of course, becoming necessary in modern facilities, making VLMs the perfect solution to add to your operation.

VLMs are a “goods to man” picking solution that allows users to pick orders efficiently while optimizing space utilization within a facility. Its internal software allows this seemingly complex machine to be one of the most user-friendly tools in your warehouse.

As an extremely customizable machine, VLMs can be catered to your every need. Their location sizes can be easily adjusted “on the fly”, and their functionality takes all the guesswork out of it, maximizing pick accuracy. In addition, the extremely high pick rates and space utilization will lead to labor savings and increased revenue. With its ability to move up to 120 trays per hour, multiple machines can be grouped for maximum efficiency.

Finally, VLMs can be an integral part in decreasing your footprint in your facility. For example, in a recent project, adding VLMs to the facility decreased our customer’s footprint from 5,000 square feet to 150. That’s over a 90% increase in space for other necessary equipment.

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Is the deal too good to be true?

Is Your Deal too Good to be True?

Everyone loves a good deal, but nobody likes unpleasant surprises. As consumers, we are always trying to save money while still getting the most bang for our buck.  It’s part of a good business strategy.  However, it’s also important to remember that if something looks too good to be true; it probably is.

We recently had a customer who thought they were getting a good deal, but instead ended up with a very nasty surprise. This customer ordered some pallet rack from another supplier at a very low cost point. The customer planned to install the pallet rack themselves but had NO IDEA how much work that would be. When the pallet rack arrived they only received the various deconstructed components to make the upright frames, instead of assembled uprights as they had expected. (see photo)

Deal too good to be true?

Some equipment providers may cut corners to provide customers with the lowest cost point. As a customer, this can be dangerous financially and structurally if you don’t fully understand what you’re getting when you sign on the dotted line.

At Storage Solutions, we only work with top quality equipment manufacturers for our new equipment & promise to never leave our customers with this type of unpleasant surprise. If you purchase used equipment from us you can do so with the knowledge that we only bring in the highest quality pre-owned equipment & it is stored indoors and out of the elements. When you purchase from us, you can do so with the knowledge that you will get what you’re promised, and what you pay for.

What To Look For:

  • Prices that are unbelievably low sometimes means product quality is low for new equipment or product condition is less than desirable for used equipment
  • Suspiciously low prices may also mean product features are missing (ie. assembled uprights) or specs & capacities won’t meet your expectations
  • RMI product certification shows that the product has been tested & is in accordance with current building codes & safety standards – if the product is not RMI certified it is not from a quality equipment manufacturer & doesn’t meet any current building code.

If you have any questions about our equipment, feel free to reach out to an experienced member of our team!

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Want to Earn Money? Sell Us Your Old Equipment

We are always looking for used equipment!  So why not let us pay you for your unwanted/unneeded materials?

Storage Solutions is your partner when it comes to buying used equipment.  We want to help you move your old, unused materials for a competitive price.

While we appreciate the opportunity to buy any used equipment, there are a few things that we really need on an ongoing basis.

Teardrop Uprights

Uprights are our one of our most popular products at Storage Solutions. Because of that, quality uprights are always in high demand.

Teardrop beams

8′ beams are the most common, so we are always on the lookout for them.  As an integral part to nearly every project, we like to have quality beams in inventory at all times.

Wire Decking

Why Wire Decking? At Storage Solutions, we prefer to use wire decking for a number of reasons.  Since safety is paramount for us, wire decking is much better for fire code compared to the traditional wood pallets.  They are also more cost effective and they drop right into place, making installation a breeze.

To learn more about our used equipment purchasing service, check out our Rack Buyback page!

pallet flow

Why Pallet Flow Will Optimize Your Warehouse

We’re all looking for a way to work harder and smarter. Pallet Flow gives you the opportunity to make your warehouse more efficient by moving products quicker than ever before.

What are the benefits of pallet flow?

It is easy to use, being a first in first out system (FIFO), which is what makes it different from other types of drive-in racks. Pallet flow also has a different pick and load system.  You get a quicker pick and load time by loading the pallet on one side, and allowing it to slide down the other.

While other types of racking can hold anywhere from about two to five pallets, pallet flow can hold anywhere from twelve to fifteen racks (depending on the model).

Pallet flow is great when it comes to customization.  We all want equipment that fits our specific needs. Customers can tailor this rack to the sizes and weights of their exact pallets.  Pallet Flow is also usable anywhere in your warehouse; on the floor, with basic racking and more!

Pallet flow is one of the most durable, and dynamic systems you can have in your warehouse. With all of these features, it will be the most efficient piece of equipment you have.  Check out our specialty equipment page for more details.

Does pallet flow sound like the right fit for your warehouse? Contact us today and let our experts help you get started!

used equipment - beams

Creating Space for MORE Used Equipment For You!

At Storage Solutions, we know how hard it can be to find the right used equipment for your space. That is why we are always on the lookout for good quality material to house in our 350,000 sq. ft. facility headquartered in Central Indiana. Each item has to pass a rigorous inspection, and is then stored inside a climate controlled facility. The goal is to save our customers money with buying used without having to sacrifice quality.

Recent Warehouse Update:

In an effort to open up even more space for used equipment, we recently tore down 321 bays of rack in our own warehouse to free up more floor storage! Storage Solutions is constantly looking for ways to expand our inventory so we always have what our customers are looking for.



used equipment teardownAfter


Details of the TEAR DOWN:

65 bays –42”D x 18’H x 108”W
(67) uprights – 42”D x 18’H
(530) beams – 108”L x 5”H
(530) wire decks – 42”D x 52”W

256 Bays – 42”D x 19’H x 108”W
(276) uprights – 42”D x 19’H
(2,048) beams – 108”L x 5”H
(2048) wire decks – 42”D x 52”W

The tear down gave us flexibility with our space, but we want you to reap the benefits as well; because not only did we make room for more used inventory; all the material we tore down is for sale!  Contact us today for pricing!

2014 Storage Solutions Catalog available today!

Get your 2014 Storage Solutions Catalog today! This catalog contains over 375 pages of storage products, material handling items and so much more. Storage Solutions provides many options for you and your warehouse. Take a look at our catalog for ideas on how to better utilize your space.

Nashville Wire Clears Up The Confusion About Wire Decking Finishes!

There are many different finishes that can be applied to wire decking. We are greatful that our partner, Nashville Wire, took a minute to elaborate on the different options!

wire deckingPowder Coating

Powder Coating is the most common finish for wire decking, specifically the color gray. Powder coating applies a free-flowing, dry powder to a cleaned metal part. The part is then heat cured to allow the powder to flow and form a “skin”. It is a tough, durable finish.  Powder coatings biggest benefit, apart from its cost effectiveness, is its ability to produce parts in virtually any color. Nashville Wire has a variety of colors; some of the most common being black, white, and beige.

Hot-Dip Galvanized

With this option, the entire wire deck is submerged in a bath of molten zinc. The finish produces the thick, durable matte gray finish that you see on highway barriers, light post, and chain link fencing. This is the most common finish applied to metal products that are used in an outdoor environment.  While it is the most durable and offers the highest level of corrosion resistance, it is also the most expensive.


When wire decking is pre-galvanized it is fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized wire and coil steel. Since the zinc was applied to the raw materials before they were turned into a wire deck, the zinc covering can be compromised any where the wire and coil steel are cut or welded. Despite this weakness, this is still an acceptable finish for most applications.  Exposed, raw steel on the deck is still protected from corrosion by the remaining zinc.  This finish is comparable in cost to powder coating.

Zinc Electroplating

Zinc Electroplating is a thin and reflective coating. In this application, the wire decking is plated with a thin protective layer of zinc. Because the layer of zinc is thin and easily depleted by the oxidation process, it is unsuitable for outdoor applications. It should only be used in dry climates. There is a large amount of chemical waste produced by this process so it is highly regulated in the U.S.

If you have additional questions on wire decking and finish options, please give us a call at 866.474.2001.

Source: Nashville Wire

Storage Solutions Term of the Week: Mezzanines

It’s been awhile since we have done a term of the week, so to start the week off right, we are re-visiting mezzanines.


A mezzanine is a structure that stands alone and is constructed within an existing building. This structure is designed to maximize space under and above it which creates additional space for storage or offices. These are extremely durable structures; they can be designed to sustain heavy loads. These are great for creating other levels using your existing space; if you need more space allow mezzanines to build up instead of out.

3 Types of Mezzanine:

A free standing mezzanine is supported by structural columns whereas shelving/bin and racking supported mezzanines are supported by pallet rack uprights or shelving/bin systems.A shelving/bin supported mezzanine is more economical than a free standing mezzanine because the storage units installed under and above the mezzanine floor allow for increased storage capacity.

We recently installed a bin supported mezzanine for a customer. You can check out the installation process in our Project Spotlight Series: Project Illinois.

Storage Solutions Has A Deluxe Shelving Package Available Now!

Storage Solutions has a used Deluxe Shelving Package available for sale!

Contact your sales representative or call us at 866.474.2001 for purchasing details and additional information.

NOTE: All items are subject to prior sale.

deluxe shelving

36”W x 18”D x 87”H with 5 shelves – open side panels & closed back panels
QTY: 296
36”W x 18”D x 87”H with 5 shelves – closed side & back panels
QTY: 517
Additional Shelves are available for purchase!
White: Shelves
Blue: End Panels (Open & Closed)
Back Panels Available in Blue or White

Storage Solutions Has Used Particle Board Shelves Available!

 Storage Solutions has used Particle Board Shelves available for sale immediately! Contact your sales representative or call 866.474.2001 for additional information.

NOTE: All items are subject to prior sale.

particle board


36″ X 18″ X 3/8″ PARTICLE BOARD SHELVES | QTY: 570 | $2.00

36″ X 24″ X 5/8″ PARTICLE BOARD SHELVES | QTY: 5,984 | $2.00