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Times Are Changing: How Do You React?

If there is one pain point we hear most often from operations managers, they are always fighting a battle between what they need to accomplish today versus preparing for changes down the road. The priority always defaults to ensure that day-to-day operations remain steady, restricting the amount of planning one could be doing.

Often, the operation team doesn’t know what is coming down the road. The team is often blind to the decision to add a new product, remove a product, or some other mandate that will require a new aisle or a lane to their storage configuration. However, especially in the age of Amazon, those changes are coming faster than before. The change is happening regardless — “when” not “if.”

When change is happening as quickly as it is, decision-makers who are “forward-thinking” are getting ahead of the curve.

Being “forward-thinking” means evaluating all aspects of your operations to maximize efficiencies — either by reducing inefficiencies or by introducing new technologies to meet your customers where demand is shifting. In a sense, you know changes in your clients’ expectations are coming if you have not already experienced them.

Enter: Storage Solutions. We have the expertise and have seen the ways companies are successfully responding to these challenges. We know the right mix of storage and technology can assist in your company meeting those needs today with the flexibility to adapt as you grow.

  • The Rise of E-Commerce

  • Increased Storage Density Needs

  • Higher Degree of Safety Required

  • Labor Challenges

  • Adaptability

Every situation is unique, but there are common issues across the supply chain industry. We’re here to help.

Warehouse Design Services

Our Solutions Development team will work with you to collect and analyze the appropriate data to recommend a plan that will allow your operation to run at optimal efficiency and prepare for future growth. [Learn More]

Dynamic Warehouse SolutionsWith dynamic warehouse solutions from Storage Solutions, we can offer ways to work with your existing operations and techniques to introduce new technology that can help you adjust to continued growth.  [Learn More]

Warehouse Relocation ServicesWhen you need to move out of your old facility, you’re left with a lot of work on your hands. Our warehouse experts are here to help you take care of the teardown of your old equipment, as well as moving it to your new facility.  [Learn More]

Warehouse Storage SolutionsFrom our simple solutions to our specialty offerings, we truly have a solution for every square foot. If your needs include combating the constant increases in labor costs or if you’re looking to store material in a high seismic area, we have a product for all of that and more. [Learn More]

Warehouse Technology SolutionsOur experts can talk you through all the newest technology options and decide what would be the best fit to meet your goals. Whether it’s voice-directed picking, a pick-to-light system, or more, we have the solutions to keep you profitable and competitive in today’s market. [Learn More]

Warehouse Project ManagementOur integrated supply and service approach means your team has tighter control over all facets of your project, ensuring you meet your timeline and budget. Oversight for each component and executing entire projects as one team means efficiencies that generate better results with fewer surprises along the way. [Learn More]

Strategic Optimization Solutions

With our Strategic Optimization Solutions, our goal is to leave every customer in a better position than before they partnered with us. For our design, dynamic, and technology solutions, it means creating a facility that runs at optimal efficiency, while helping you meet your budgetary and productivity goals.

For our turnkey and storage solutions, it means working with each customer to determine the absolute best fit for your facility. What you’re storing and the environment you are in has a significant impact on the type of solution you need. Our experts can help layout a facility of any size that is going to give you the best type of storage system for your goals.

When it comes to our relocation services, we want to make sure we assist you in every way possible as you go through change. Whether that means purchasing your old equipment or helping you move into a new space, our team is here to assist however we can.

At Storage Solutions, we can help with all these things and more. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming or future projects and let our team of experts do the heavy lifting.

We are among the nation’s top purchasers of warehouse equipment, so we can offer the most competitive prices for the right solutions to suit your needs. 

A Top Distributor of New & Used Warehouse Equipment

New Equipment: We are partnered with a number of the nation’s largest manufacturers of pallet racking and other warehouse equipment. When it comes to outfitting a new facility or retrofitting a currently-existing distribution center, we have the relationships in place that allow us to get some of the most competitive prices around.

Certified Pre-Owned Equipment: We are committed to providing our customers with reliable, quality products, which is why we’ve created our Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Program when our partners are in need of used warehouse equipment. The Storage Solutions Certified seal is only placed on products that pass our rigorous five-point inspection so you can buy with the confidence that you’re getting only the best quality rack.

Our Five-Point Inspection ensures products are:

  1. Rust-free
  2. Stored in a climate-controlled environment
  3. Produced by a known manufacturer
  4. Structurally sound
  5. Handled adequately during installation and tear down

Thanks to our 330,000 square-foot warehouse, we can store all new and used materials indoors and away from rust-causing elements.

We Buy Equipment! We are always looking to purchase used warehouse equipment. We work hard to take the worry out of material handling installations and teardowns. One way we help our customers rest easy is with our equipment buy-back guarantee.

Instead of trying to find a buyer and source freight, Storage Solutions will guarantee a very competitive offer for your used equipment as soon as it’s installed. As always, we’ll hand-inspect each piece and every single beam, upright, or other equipment that’s in good condition will be purchased back from you as soon as you’re ready.

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MezzaninesDrive-in/Drive-ThruLight-Duty CantileverCantilever
Wire Partitions/CagesSemi-Automated Deep Lane Storage
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Warehouse Pallet Racking
Warehouse Cantilever Shelving

We are committed to being a trusted partner who is there for you from start to finish of your project.

  • Safety

  • Installation

  • Permitting

  • Logistics

Turnkey Solutions through Project Management

You need a project that goes according to plan, but managing a group of vendors who are only individually responsible for a small piece of the puzzle makes it tough. That’s where our expert warehouse consultants come in. At Storage Solutions, our integrated supply and service puts you in control of your build-out. Your assigned project manager is always working to make sure you get the right result, and they will be a single point of contact to help you manage your entire project.

To make sure that your facility starts shipping product on time, all elements of the project have to work together. Permitting, manufacturing, delivery, installation and other project tasks can have complex dependencies and a delay in any component can result in project delays and potentially costly down time for a distribution center. Our project managers have overseen hundreds of build-outs and they know how to keep each component in place and delivered on time, so you don’t have to worry about missing any deadlines.

Every project will face challenges. Our project managers will know how to tackle them for you to keep everything on track. Get an expert on your side to make sure you get the right result.

We have the knowledge and relationships to connect you to the best new and used equipment to suit your needs. 

Let’s Get Started

We have a team with decades of experience in providing data-driven solutions that can address your concerns today with respect to the growth you see within your business.

Because we integrate supply and service, Storage Solutions is a premier partner, whether you need to design or reconfigure an entire distribution center, or you just need quality used equipment to keep your operations running smoothly.

We are your ideal partner at every stage of your warehouse needs.

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